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Victorian Pub

Music hall ghosts haunt the Bartons Arms pub in Birmingham; a temple to drink and a rare survivor in a city that has destroyed much of its Victorian architecture.

Non-Fiction 1974 6 mins

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The performers from the nearby Aston Hippodrome used to drink in the Bartons Arms pub, with those frequenting the lounge bar hidden from the lower orders by discrete 'snob screens'. That grandeur of the Edwardian era may have faded in a time of television and keg ale, but the Bartons Arms has survived long enough to be an admired survivor of Birmingham's past greatness. Bob Warman orders a pint and soaks up the atmosphere.

Despite being looted and burnt during riots in 2011 the Bartons Arms continues to entertain drinkers. The Aston Hippodrome was less fortunate being demolished in 1980.