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Pub Games

Beer and Bangers are almost a recipe for disaster in this English Pub

News 1970 1 mins Silent

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Pub punters compete against the clock to consume a sausage mountain and down points upside down. English pubs have a long history of traditional pub games for entertainment but today's competitive eating or speed eating is a highly regulated sport of its own most popular in the United States, Canada and Japan. Beer 'n' Bangers festivals have been held around the UK for many years.

Chipmunking is when in the dying seconds of a contest an eater puts as much food as possible in his or her mouth in an attempt to add to a total, the clock stops but the eater has a reasonable amount of time to swallow or risk deductions or disqualification. Other accepted practices include dunking where food is dunked in water or liquid to aid consumption. Regurgitation or vomiting is known as reversal in the industry and leads to immediate disqualification. Professional competitive eaters are known to train so as to increase stomach capacity. Competitive Eating is regulated by the bodies All Pro Eating and the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE). Please do not try this at home!