Wedding Bells

It's the big day and you're invited: a multitude of marriages, caught on film since the 1910s.

From royal nuptials and lavish society weddings to more modest but no less joyful celebrations, this collection captures a century of wedding day jitters and excitement. Happy couples from all corners of the UK come together to cement their union, often filmed on precious family cine cameras – though it’s the guests who sometimes steal the limelight. While many of these films show centuries-old wedding day traditions and church ceremonies, no two are quite the same - one bride even swaps the white limo for a traction engine - and we glimpse marriages reflecting Britain’s multicultural mix.

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Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip MountbattenWedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten

19471 minsSilent

Royal nuptials at Westminster Abbey, attended by the great and good including King George VI and Winston Churchill

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Princess Di Wedding and Winter SnowPrincess Di Wedding and Winter Snow

Amateur film19824 mins Location: Harrow

Everyone's home in Harrow to witness Lady Di's debut as a Royal and a record-breaking winter causes chaos in 1981.

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The Royal WeddingThe Royal Wedding

Non-Fiction19235 mins

The wedding of Queen Elizabeth II's future parents, as later incarnated by Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in 'The King's Speech'.

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Princess Mary Wedded to Viscount Lascelles at Westminster AbbeyPrincess Mary Wedded to Viscount Lascelles at Westminster Abbey

Non-Fiction19228 minsSilent

Newsreel of the lavish royal marriage, which was probably the biggest British newsreel story of the decade.

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Nigerian Wedding in CornwallNigerian Wedding in Cornwall

Current affairs19641 minsSilent Location: Pool

Dressing to please as the happy couple switch wedding dress for national dress.

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Princess Mary's Thought Princess Mary's Thought

Non-Fiction19221 minsSilent

The sartorial build up to the lavish nuptials of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles in 1922.

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Tiger Bay and The Rainbow Club - ITiger Bay and The Rainbow Club - I

Home movie196039 minsSilent Location: Butetown

Tiger Bay in Cardiff's docks area: a successful, multi-cultural community, providing a variety of activities, but which is threatened by 'slum' clearance.

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Here Comes the BrideHere Comes the Bride

Amateur film194816 minsSilent Location: Hebburn

A wonderfully sophisticated take on the wedding film crafted by a Tyneside musician for his brother and a stylish bride.

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The Best ManThe Best Man

Drama198683 mins Location: Derry / Londonderry

The bar flies prepare for the big day with betting, boozing and banter. But will best man Billy break more than his ma’s heart before the wedding?

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Sikh Wedding in ExeterSikh Wedding in Exeter

Current affairs19711 minsSilent Location: Exeter

A Sikh couple celebrates blissful union.

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Wedding, 'Dolclettwr' and Farmers in ScotlandWedding, 'Dolclettwr' and Farmers in Scotland

Home movie19654 minsSilent Location: Rhydlewis

A delightful duo perform on bottles and tubs in Taliesin between shots of a wedding near Rhydlewis and a sale of Welsh Black cattle in Scotland.

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Marriage of Miss Rose Carmel and Mr. Solly GerschcowitMarriage of Miss Rose Carmel and Mr. Solly Gerschcowit

Non-Fiction19253 minsSilent Location: Spitalfields

Follow the happy couple from the family shop on Brick Lane to a garden party serenaded by the San Diego Dance Band

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Cricket in Canterbury and a Wedding 1967Cricket in Canterbury and a Wedding 1967

Amateur film19677 minsSilent Location: Canterbury

Cricket takes a back seat in this film from 1967 which concentrates more on the spectators, their fashions and colourful examples of millinery

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Marriage of Miss Rossalyn Weinbaum to Mr A. GoideMarriage of Miss Rossalyn Weinbaum to Mr A. Goide

19236 minsSilent Location: London

Guests step out in smart hats and sumptuous furs for a Jewish wedding at London’s Central Synagogue

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Arranged MarriageArranged Marriage

Magazine and Review show198313 mins Location: Birmingham

It's not only a big day for Zubair Khan and his sixteen year old bride Saeeda. It's also brings together two families.

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A Traction WeddingA Traction Wedding

Current affairs19771 minsSilent Location: Netherbury

A steam traction engine provides the transport for the special day

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Stepney WeddingStepney Wedding

Non-Fiction191110 minsSilent Location: Llanelli

60-year-old Sir Edward Stafford Howard takes 30-year-old Lady Catherine Meriel Cowell Stepney to be his second wife in Llanelli.

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Lynne's WeddingLynne's Wedding

Home movie19809 minsSilent Location: Leeds

Eating, dancing in the front room, playing football in the garden, walking around Whitby, a birthday party, a wedding – just being common people, only with a Jewish twist.

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A Spring Wedding - the 11th of March 1963A Spring Wedding - the 11th of March 1963

Amateur film196310 mins Location: Pontypridd

Bedding, table lamps, coffee set, lighter, toaster … gifts that will set up Patricia Morgan and Kenneth Haynes for married life after their wedding at St Mary’s Church, Glyntaf.

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Society Wedding in WalesSociety Wedding in Wales

Non-Fiction19219 minsSilent Location: Llangynog

Nesta Donne Philipps (aged 17) takes the Hon. George William Reginald Victor Coventry (aged 21) to be her lawful wedded husband at St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen on 17/9/1921.

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Asquith WeddingAsquith Wedding

Non-Fiction19151 minsSilent Location: Westminster

Violet Asquith, daughter of the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, arrives at church to marry Maurice Bonham Carter.

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The Green-Maughan WeddingThe Green-Maughan Wedding

Amateur film19598 minsSilent Location: Jarrow

A glimpse of happiness in the 1950s at a Jarrow wedding beside the ruins of a Benedictine monastery.

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Family wedding in FelixstoweFamily wedding in Felixstowe

Amateur film19342 minsSilent Location: Old Felixstowe

Having an architect for a father came in handy on Beris Wrinch's wedding day. A special bridge was designed so the wedding party could reach the marquee in style.

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Gwennap Pit WeddingGwennap Pit Wedding

Current affairs19651 minsSilent Location: Gwennap Pit

Kynsa demmedhyans ena Gwennap Pit

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Wedding at KeighleyWedding at Keighley

Home movie193913 minsSilent Location: Keighley

Nobody would guess, watching the celebrations for this happy couple of newlyweds, that within a month Britain would be engaged in a world war.

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Eileen's Wedding 31st October 1955; Joan's wedding 31st March 1956Eileen's Wedding 31st October 1955; Joan's wedding 31st March 1956

Home movie195513 minsSilent Location: Brent

Great period footage of two suburban London weddings in these family films from the 1950.

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Vanda and Tim's WeddingVanda and Tim's Wedding

Home movie196623 minsSilent Location: Gabalfa

The camera records the day that Vanda Jenkins, daughter of Cardiff hairdresser Chris Jenkins, goes from being a ‘Miss’ to a ‘Mrs’ as she marries her beau Timothy Cronin.

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Lomas WeddingLomas Wedding

Home movie19322 minsSilent Location: Thirsk

The gentle folk of Thirsk crowd around in their new hats and finery to glimpse the newlyweds as they emerge in splendid procession from St Oswald’s Church.

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Turner: Easter Monday Wedding 1934Turner: Easter Monday Wedding 1934

Amateur film19347 minsSilent Location: Arnold

Crowds gather at a Nottingham church to see the bride and groom on their happiest day.

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Wedding Day - Jannaud Rides AgainWedding Day - Jannaud Rides Again

Home movie19623 minsSilent Location: Mousehole

The beginnings of a wedding videography industry as this home movie maker shoots to fill.

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Wedding of David McCallum & Carole Ingamells at St Mary's ChurchWedding of David McCallum & Carole Ingamells at St Mary's Church

Amateur film19753 minsSilent Location: Hayes

Re-live the fashion of the 1970s as Carole and David tie the knot. Big hats, kipper ties and lots of confetti.

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Wedding Bells at Houghton-le-SpringWedding Bells at Houghton-le-Spring

Non-Fiction192617 minsSilent Location: Houghton-Le-Spring

For richer for poorer - curious crowds mob three local celebrity weddings in Houghton-le-Spring in the 1920s.

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Wedding of Miss Carrie Alexander, Faversham 1913Wedding of Miss Carrie Alexander, Faversham 1913

Non-Fiction19134 minsSilent Location: Faversham

The mayor's daughter gets hitched in style in the Kent market town.

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“Let’s Dream” Introducing Clarkson-Richardson Wedding“Let’s Dream” Introducing Clarkson-Richardson Wedding

Amateur film19499 minsSilent Location: Jarrow

A beautiful memento of a post-war wedding in Jarrow on South Tyneside.

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The Wedding, the Beekeeper, the Pigs and the BroadsThe Wedding, the Beekeeper, the Pigs and the Broads

Home movie193310 minsSilent Location: Pendine Sands

Brayshays in Laugharne, Buckleys at Llangynin, 'Voyager' on the Thames, 'Seafarer' on Pendine Sands and 'Herzogin Cecilie' on the rocks.

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The Wedding of Kathleen and IdrisThe Wedding of Kathleen and Idris

Amateur film195510 minsSilent Location: Llanarmon-yn-Ial

Beautiful but unusual wedding film in that a pig makes a brief and unexpected appearance, and the bridesmaids appear to be going off on honeymoon with the bride and groom.

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The Wedding of Peter and Judith ElliottThe Wedding of Peter and Judith Elliott

Amateur film195614 minsSilent Location: Pinner

Hats, stumbles and happy faces at this wedding film from 1956, taken at the service and reception of Judith and Peter Elliott in Pinner.

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Seaside at Westgate, Monica and Jim's WeddingSeaside at Westgate, Monica and Jim's Wedding

Amateur film19307 minsSilent

Leslie Goulden's amusing home movie combines beach-time fun with what could be courting couples and the wedding of Jim and Monica

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Boulter Family Films: Bridesmaids In Pink, Stratford (1963)Boulter Family Films: Bridesmaids In Pink, Stratford (1963)

Amateur film19632 minsSilent Location: Stratford

Shocking pink outfits, impressive cake and a gargantuan veil feature in this brief home move shot at this wedding somewhere in East London

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Cornish WeddingCornish Wedding

Current affairs19645 minsSilent Location: Cornwall

Bride and Groom celebrate their big day in Cornish 

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Wedding at the Grand in PlymouthWedding at the Grand in Plymouth

Home movie19401 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

A joyous occasion of marrying a man in uniform as rare moving images are taken in Plymouth.

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Psyche's WeddingPsyche's Wedding

Home movie192010 minsSilent Location: Devon

Bright young things thereto plight troth in a society wedding.

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The Wedding of Billy and Joyce 25 March 1950The Wedding of Billy and Joyce 25 March 1950

Home movie19509 minsSilent Location: Lancaster

Congratulations to the happy couple! A lovely record of a special day in Lancaster.

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Wedding of G.A. Cheetham and Miss E.M. LawsonWedding of G.A. Cheetham and Miss E.M. Lawson

Non-Fiction19134 minsSilent Location: Rhyl

22/9/1913 was the Big Day for Gustavus A Cheetham and Edith Maude Lawson of Rhyl. Gus worked for his father, film/cinema pioneer and entrepreneur Arthur Cheetham.

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The Wedding of Thelma and Danny, 11th August 1946The Wedding of Thelma and Danny, 11th August 1946

Home movie194610 minsSilent Location: Cheetham Hill

Camera, action! A very stylish wedding is captured on film.

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Five Weddings - Cardiff and areaFive Weddings - Cardiff and area

Amateur film194020 minsSilent Location: Llandaff

5 gold rings, 4 sunny days, 3 long white dresses, 2 kilts and uniforms and a ceremony in Llandaff Cathedral.

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Wedding of Dick Catchpole to Angela ScholeyWedding of Dick Catchpole to Angela Scholey

Amateur film19546 minsSilent Location: Old Fletton

Following a chance meeting at the Royal Albert Hall, Dick Catchpole weds his bride Angela in a wonderful summer wedding.

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A Momento of your Wonderfull DayA Momento of your Wonderfull Day

Amateur film196810 minsSilent Location: Aberystwyth

The groom, Robin Varley, waiting on the steps of the Tabernacle Chapel, in Powell Street, Aberystwyth, on 19/10/1968, looks at his watch. Where is she, his bride, Beryl Jones?

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Wedding of Mr. W.A.V. James to Miss Constance Joy Thomas at St. Margaret's Church, Cardiff, September 11th, 1923Wedding of Mr. W.A.V. James to Miss Constance Joy Thomas at St. Margaret's Church, Cardiff, September 11th, 1923

Non-Fiction19234 minsSilent Location: Roath

William Albert Victor James and Constance Joy Thomas, both from families involved in The Splott (Cardiff) Cinema Co. Limited, tie the knot at St Margaret's Church in Roath.

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1978 Elizabeth & David1978 Elizabeth & David

Amateur film19782 minsSilent Location: Radlett

Tin cans, streamers and a VW Beetle make for a wedding with a distinctly 70s flavour.

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War Time WeddingsWar Time Weddings

Non-Fiction19151 mins Location: Westminster

The daughter of famed actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree gets hitched to a military Captain during WWI.

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Dulais Valley - carnivals, wedding, playground, swimming, majorettesDulais Valley - carnivals, wedding, playground, swimming, majorettes

Home movie196536 minsSilent Location: Dulais Valley/Cwm Dulais

Master baker John Dillwyn Williams, owner of Duffryn Bakery, Onllwyn, turns his hand to film-making and captures community events in glorious colour.

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In the High Court of HappinessIn the High Court of Happiness

Non-Fiction19272 mins Location: Ilford

Marital bliss is put to the test in this ancient Essex 'calendar custom'.

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Village life in Minstead with Weddings, Ladies Cricket, Folk Dancing and Coronation CelebrationsVillage life in Minstead with Weddings, Ladies Cricket, Folk Dancing and Coronation Celebrations

Amateur film193712 minsSilent

Minstead's ladies enjoy a cricket match on the village green in this charming film that also features two weddings, a holiday and a giant crab

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Herman weddingHerman wedding

Home movie19542 minsSilent

Happy moments are shared by beautifully-dressed, as yet unknown wedding participants who pose for photographs after the marriage ceremony on the steps of the venue.

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Watts Family Films: Daisy And Graham’s Wedding, Balham and Streatham (1966)Watts Family Films: Daisy And Graham’s Wedding, Balham and Streatham (1966)

Home movie196625 minsSilent Location: Balham

Footage of a 60s wedding in south London followed by the honeymoon on the beach in Barbados.

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Weddings and HolidaysWeddings and Holidays

Amateur film195512 minsSilent Location: Devon

There are blizzards of confetti in this wedding montage which also features holidays in the West Country and the Empress Queen

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Weddings - Cathedral Road Synagogue, CardiffWeddings - Cathedral Road Synagogue, Cardiff

Amateur film19389 minsSilent Location: Cathays

Summer 1938 must have been an exciting time for Marie Cohen and Nettie Morris as they planned their weddings at the synagogue on 25/8 and 6/9, and receptions at the Connaught Rooms.

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Colonial WeddingColonial Wedding

Amateur film19302 minsSilent Location: Shanghai

Cloche-hatted wedding guests, armed with confetti, lie in wait for the newly weds as they exit from a Shanghai church while their limousine gets the treatment.

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Wedding at Christ Church, Eaton, NorwichWedding at Christ Church, Eaton, Norwich

Non-Fiction193312 minsSilent Location: Eaton

It?s Saturday 17th June 1933 and Norwich society were out in force for the wedding of Mr. William H. B. Sanders and Miss Kathleen May Vincent at Christ Church Eaton.

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Boulter Family Films: Wedding, Devon (1957)Boulter Family Films: Wedding, Devon (1957)

Amateur film19577 minsSilent Location: Becontree

There’s all the elements of a great wedding – hats, ribald graffiti, confetti, awkward relatives – in this short home movie of a wedding in Exeter from 1957.

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Boulter Family Films: Wedding, Barking & Dagenham (1960s)Boulter Family Films: Wedding, Barking & Dagenham (1960s)

Amateur film19603 minsSilent Location: Becontree

Flower girls, kisses and 60s fashions as a couple go up the aisle in this home move of a family wedding in the 1960s.

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Boulter Family Films: Page Boy And Wedding, Becontree and Ilford (1964)Boulter Family Films: Page Boy And Wedding, Becontree and Ilford (1964)

Amateur film19646 minsSilent Location: Ilford

A windswept veil, pre-wedding drinks and Ilford high street feature in this short wedding film from East London in 1964.

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Priodas - Alun a Gaynor HopkinPriodas - Alun a Gaynor Hopkin

Home movie19532 minsSilent Location: Pontardawe

The Big Day for Alun Hopkin of Godre’r-graig and Gaynor Griffiths of Pontardawe. As was common in the 1950s, they leave for their honeymoon by train, waved off from Neath Station.

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Saga of Valerie Jean DouglasSaga of Valerie Jean Douglas

Home movie194950 mins

An epic tale of one girl's life from the ages of one to 22, lovingly filmed by her dad.

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Romsey GazetteRomsey Gazette

Amateur film193112 minsSilent Location: Romsey

Social and civic events in Romsey are recorded in this film from the early 1930s - with fascinating views of the town centre as well as a car crash and a devastating house-fire.

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Primeminister at BathPrimeminister at Bath

Non-Fiction19171 minsSilent Location: Bath

Wartime wedding bells for Richard Lloyd George, son of the PM, at Bath Abbey.

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I Saw This, November 1940I Saw This, November 1940

Home movie194017 minsSilent Location: Swallownest

An enigmatic pot-pourri of a film of a village in wartime. Although life appears here as normal, an inauspicious motif seems to lurk within the avant-garde cinematic style.

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Richard Brookes Collection: Wedding, IlfordRichard Brookes Collection: Wedding, Ilford

Amateur film19733 minsSilent Location: Ilford

Speeches, toasts and kippahs in this Super 8 home movie of Richard and Lyn Brookes’s wedding, held at Beehive Lane Synagogue in Ilford.