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Society Wedding in Wales

Nesta Donne Philipps (aged 17) takes the Hon. George William Reginald Victor Coventry (aged 21) to be her lawful wedded husband at St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen on 17/9/1921.

Non-Fiction 1921 9 mins Silent

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High society wedding and reception at bride’s home – Coomb, Carmarthenshire. The bride, known as Donne (pronounced ‘Doon’), was the daughter of Lord Kylsant, the groom the elder son of Viscount Deerhurst, grandson of the 9th Earl of Coventry. A detailed report of the affair in the local paper lists the wedding presents which ranged from thousands of pounds worth of gold and silver to a poached egg spoon and an umbrella. A film of the wedding was shown at the local cinema.

After shots of the arrival of guests and the wedding party at the church, there is footage of the reception at the bride’s home, Coomb, situated approximately 8 miles from Carmarthen, near Llan-y-bri. Arriving back from the church, the newly-weds are given a rousing reception by Lord Kylsant’s tenants/workmen, who attach a rope to the car in order to drag it up the drive – fealty in action. Carmarthen Boy Scouts are also on hand to line up and salute the happy couple. In the marquee where a wedding feast was provided for tenants etc., the newly-weds cut their cake and are presented with a silver tea/coffee service. Lord and Lady Kylsant and friends attended a special matinee screening of the film some days later.