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Saga of Valerie Jean Douglas

An epic tale of one girl's life from the ages of one to 22, lovingly filmed by her dad.

Home movie 1949 50 mins


A wonderful achievement of home movie making, this film tells the tale of one girl's life as recorded by her father over the decades. Amateur film maker Sid Douglas shot many films between 1949 and 1970 in London and Sydney and compiled them into this glorious ode to his daughter Valerie Jean, who grows up in the course of the film. Douglas used his talent for intertitles and soundtracks to craft this 'saga' into a remarkable home movie epic. The sound quality is variable in places, but as Sid himself says, "some of these pictures are really beautiful".

This film is from a collection of almost 100 home movies made by Sid Douglas between 1949 and 1977, featuring family and friends at home and on holiday.