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Wedding Day - Jannaud Rides Again

The beginnings of a wedding videography industry as this home movie maker shoots to fill.

Non-Fiction 1962 3 mins Silent

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The home filmmaker records the intimate reception of a wedding reception. People are filmed in close proximity as the camera eyes up the guests. The framing is the same, there is little movement and no zooms or pans although exposure and focus are important and length of shot is not too rushed. Titles in the fridge magnet style of san serif VAG rounded typography are added and aimed at amusing the happy couple post celebration.

This is filmed on 16mm film but by 1965 8mm film was surpassed by Kodak's introduction of the Super 8 format on new easy-to-use cartridges and with improved images. By the 1980s the wedding videographer is helped by the introduction of Sony's first video camcorders. There were however many limitations including clunky equipment, poor single track sound and a point and shoot mentality. Today's wedding video is part of the wider wedding industry and can be almost as professional as a Hollywood production and may include anything from the actual surprise proposal to a noughties fad of trashing the wedding dress to create art.