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Lynne's Wedding

Eating, dancing in the front room, playing football in the garden, walking around Whitby, a birthday party, a wedding – just being common people, only with a Jewish twist.

Home movie 1980 9 mins Silent

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A wedding just like any other, in Leeds in 1980, with guests coming to and from the reception, only the synagogue and the headgear give it away as being a Jewish ceremony.

This film is from a collection of family films made by Jack Goldberg who ran the Jewish grocery ‘Modern Food Store’ at 80 Street Lane, Roundhay in Leeds. The wedding takes place at the Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue further along Street Lane, opened in 1969 and today catering for an Orthodox congregation of around 900 families. Lynne Goldberg, now Collins, appears in many of Jack Goldberg’s earlier family films. The newlyweds here now have children of their own, and so the Jewish heritage continues. A Jewish wedding day gives extra excitement for the newlyweds, not only because they have refrained from seeing each other the previous week, but also because neither can eat on the day until after the ceremony.