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Vanda and Tim's Wedding

The camera records the day that Vanda Jenkins, daughter of Cardiff hairdresser Chris Jenkins, goes from being a ‘Miss’ to a ‘Mrs’ as she marries her beau Timothy Cronin.

Home movie 1966 23 mins Silent

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The father of the bride, Chris Jenkins, puts on a top hat and fixes a flower in his button hole as he stands waiting for his daughter to emerge from the house on her Big Day. Vanda is marrying Timothy Cronin and this film records the whole event from start to finish, showing the church (St Joseph’s R.C. Church, New Zealand Road, Gabalfa, Cardiff) and the ring, the photographs – and temporary loss of the bride’s headress - and the reception, a buffet, with the all-important cake.

This film is from a collection of films shot by Chris Jenkins (1901-1990), proprietor of a hair salon in Cardiff and a keen amateur artist, astronomer and film-maker. He was a stalwart of Cardiff Cine Society for 45 years, becoming its president. He is seen at the end of this film showing someone how to use a camera. He will probably have had help shooting this film as he would have had other important duties to attend to on the day!