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Nigerian Wedding in Cornwall

Dressing to please as the happy couple switch wedding dress for national dress.

Current affairs 1964 1 mins Silent

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The congregation of Trevenson Church near Redruth in Cornwall turn out to celebrate with the happy couple. Two Nigerian students wed in British wedding attire before changing into national dress for the reception. Nigerian national dress dates back to ancient tribes and is determined by ethnic group but as a rule it is bright and colourful and makes use of tie-dye fabrics of lace, jacquard or indigo resist dyed cotton cloth such as adire or African wax prints known as ankara.

Nigerian students choose to study in Britain and strong ties exist since Nigeria gained its independence in 1960. Civil and political unrest and repressive military regimes including that of Sani Abacha led to Nigerian refugees seeking asylum and a large community of British Nigerians now lives in South London. The writer Ken Saro-Wiwa known for his campaigning against the oil industry for damage to his Ogoni homeland was summarily executed in 1995 and international sanctions were imposed. Nigeria was the first African country to pay off its debt to the Paris Club of lenders and is one of the world’s leading oil producers. Civil unrest and corruption scandals continue to beset the country’s leaders.