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Stepney Wedding

60-year-old Sir Edward Stafford Howard takes 30-year-old Lady Catherine Meriel Cowell Stepney to be his second wife in Llanelli.

Non-Fiction 1911 10 mins Silent

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James Haggar, third son of film pioneer William Haggar and manager of the family’s cinema in Llanelli, was invited to make this film of the wedding of Sir Edward Stafford Howard and Lady Catherine Meriel Cowell Stepney at St Elli’s Church, Llanelli on 21 September 1911. He included in it a shot of his father (who may have been involved in the filming) and other family members leaving the church grounds after the wedding.

Two cameras were used, which adds to the suspicion of William Haggar's involvement in the filming. After its screening at the Haggar’s cinema in Llanelli, a copy of the film was presented to the happy couple once they had returned from their honeymoon tour of north Wales (to which end the groom had given his bride a case of motor maps in addition to a Stafford Knot made of diamonds). The pair also received, according to the Llanelly & County Guardian, two pencil sharpeners. Lady Catherine was the only daughter of the late Sir Arthur Cowell Stepney and Lady Stepney of 'Llanelly House', Llanelli and an ovate member of the Gorsedd (her wedding service was in Welsh despite her husband’s monolingualism). Just five years after the happy day, the bride became a widow.