Other Grooves

An eccentric excursion to the furthest fringes of youth culture and alternative lifestyles, as captured in archive film and TV.

In this companion to BFI Player's Beat Generations collection you'll encounter an eclectic array of eccentrics, outsiders, activists and all who dare to be different. Among the tribes and iconoclasts represented here you'll find mods, rockers, Ufologists, New Age travellers, artists, anarchists, free thinkers, punks, pagans, skinheads, rastas, reverends and ravers. Warning: Some films in this collection include explicit adult material, including frank scenes of nudity, sexual activity and drug taking.

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Good Strong CoffeeGood Strong Coffee

Advert19682 minsSilent

Far-out guys and groovy gals drop doses of good strong coffee in this psychedelic 1968 ad for the hot black stuff.

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Glastonbury Festival and the First Pyramid StageGlastonbury Festival and the First Pyramid Stage

Current affairs19715 mins Location: Glastonbury

Glastonbury ley lines for iconic pyramid stage to heighten a festival-goer’s experience

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Punk In 60 SecondsPunk In 60 Seconds

Promotional20161 mins

Anarchy in the UK… This rare footage presents a short blast of the punk energy that took over the streets of Britain in the late 1970s.

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Burn Your Bra!Burn Your Bra!

Current affairs19682 mins Location: Truro

The Women’s Liberation movement’s burn your bra campaign hits Truro.

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Drama197924 mins Location: London

Nerdy teenage mummy's boy David dreams of wowing the girls with his disco dance moves - but alas he was born with two left feet.

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Dr Turner's Mental HomeDr Turner's Mental Home

Amateur film19298 minsSilent Location: Ham Spray Ho

The wilder fringes of the Bloomsbury Group are exposed in this dark amateur film starring Dora Carrington.

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Shellshock RockShellshock Rock

197948 mins Location: Belfast

The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers play live in this vivid music doc capturing all the vibrancy of the 1970s Northern Irish punk scene.

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Hot Pants for Men?Hot Pants for Men?

Current affairs19712 mins Location: Launceston

A leggy stroll around Launceston reveals the uptake of hotpants for men.

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Documentary199712 mins

Partying like it's 1997. We follow a rave DJ instigator rigging up decks in abandoned warehouses, a nosebleed 'techno tourist' who chases the hardcore around Europe and a girl addicted to... partying.

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Long-Haired LayaboutsLong-Haired Layabouts

Current affairs19644 mins Location: Launceston

Long hair gives impression of laziness

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Birmingham Teddy BoysBirmingham Teddy Boys

News19736 mins Location: Yardley

As their club bites the dust are the Teddy Boys of Birmingham finding their creepers out of step with the more popular platform shoe?

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Ton-up BoysTon-up Boys

Current affairs19628 mins Location: Plymouth

Rockabilly racers rev up to do the illegal ton on the road.

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The Ton-up Boys at Plymouth SpeedwayThe Ton-up Boys at Plymouth Speedway

Current affairs19627 mins Location: Plymouth

Plymouth Speedway opens its track to the ton-up boys.

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The Moon RallyThe Moon Rally

Amateur film197925 mins Location: Matley

Come along to the Moon Rally - a weekend of bikes and bikers; riding, talking, drinking and dancing.

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The InnocentsThe Innocents

Amateur film19622 minsSilent Location: Danson Park

An icon of Mod youth culture in the 1950s, the Lambretta scooter is on display as the Bromley club show off their skills.

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British GraffitiBritish Graffiti

Documentary19927 mins

Rockabilly passionates talk about their lifestyle and how they would prefer to live in the 1950s.

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The Jah PeopleThe Jah People

Documentary198122 mins Location: Handsworth

Followers of the Rastafari way of life bring tales of Haile Selassie, Jah and Zion to the streets of inner-city Birmingham.

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Barsham FaireBarsham Faire

Amateur film19746 minsSilent Location: Barsham Hill

In the 70s, Barsham Faire on August Bank Holiday became a tradition for many to celebrate things 'medieval' and raise funds for local arts events. It put Barsham on the map.

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Dance FestivalDance Festival

Campaigning film196921 minsSilent Location: Camden Town

Join distracted onlookers at a protest “be-in” at Camden’s Roundhouse –alongside portraits of Lenin and a giant inflatable phallus.

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Can I Have a Dragon Please?Can I Have a Dragon Please?

Documentary198311 mins

Perusing body embellishment in the early eighties, tattoo fans talk about their enthusiasm for staining skin long before it dominated Dalston.

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Travelling for a LivingTravelling for a Living

Documentary196645 mins Location: Kingston upon Hull

This "musical profile of the Watersons" is a precious document of the British folk revival, much of it shot in their hometown, Hull.

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Grove CarnivalGrove Carnival

Documentary198118 mins Location: Notting Hill

West London echoes to the sound of reggae and steel pans in this kaleidoscopic record of the 1980 Notting Hill Carnival.

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Berdh Gorsedh Kernow and Map DyvroethBerdh Gorsedh Kernow and Map Dyvroeth

Current affairs19632 mins Location: Newquay

Deputy Grand Bard of the Gorsedd explains all

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The Pixies of Ottery St MaryThe Pixies of Ottery St Mary

Current affairs19631 minsSilent Location: Ottery St Mary

Pixies pop up everywhere before being banished once again from the town.

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Berdh Gorsedh Kernow and the New Grand BardBerdh Gorsedh Kernow and the New Grand Bard

Current affairs19671 minsSilent Location: Kea

The Grand Bard presides over the sky blue pageant

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Early Gorsedh ProcessionEarly Gorsedh Procession

Home movie19301 minsSilent Location: Cornwall

An Early Meeting of the Bards of Cornwall

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Gorsedh Procession through St JustGorsedh Procession through St Just

Current affairs19681 minsSilent Location: St Just

Bards bestow honour on Barbara Hepworth

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Ancient Beltane Festival at Glastonbury TorAncient Beltane Festival at Glastonbury Tor

Current affairs19661 minsSilent Location: Glastonbury Tor

Rite of spring is celebrated to signify renewal

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Citizens BannedCitizens Banned

Amateur film198112 minsSilent Location: Chelsea

Punks find their turf invaded by New Romantics in the final part of Captain Zip's seminal Video Trip.

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Amateur film198117 mins Location: Putney

Female punks have fun boozing, smoking and talking in this fascinating film by London lifestyle chronicler Captain Zip.

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Don't Dream It - See ItDon't Dream It - See It

Amateur film197815 minsSilent Location: Chelsea

The Kings Road punks go on a day trip - to 10 Downing Street! - in this edition of Captain Zip's Video Trip.

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We're No AngelsWe're No Angels

Amateur film197916 minsSilent Location: Camden Town

The punks go shopping in this evocatively dingy entry in Captain Zip's seminal Video Trip.

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Death Is Their DestinyDeath Is Their Destiny

Amateur film197813 mins Location: London

Fascinating amateur footage of London punks, and a glimpse of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, filmed on the King's Road in 1978.

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The Punk Kebab DocumentaryThe Punk Kebab Documentary

Drama197713 mins Location: Buckingham Palace

Subverted and amusing piece about the history of kebabs, infused with a punk flavour.

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A Beautiful Way To LiveA Beautiful Way To Live

Factual TV197125 mins Location: Downham Market

Novelist Cressida Lindsay and Commune Movement pioneer Sarah Eno feature in this Anglia TV documentary about life in a commune.

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The Aetherius Society at Holdstone DownThe Aetherius Society at Holdstone Down

Current affairs19635 mins Location: Holdstone Down

Aetherius people join together to help the planet at Holy Mountain

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Flower Power InterviewFlower Power Interview

News19672 mins Location: Cheltenham

Psychedelic freakouts in Cheltenham?

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Nudists Stay Near NorwichNudists Stay Near Norwich

News19803 mins Location: Norwich

Where will The Mayor hang his chain?! The Sunlanders, a British naturist group, are staying at a camp near Norwich, Norfolk in 1980.

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Iroquois Rain DanceIroquois Rain Dance

Current affairs19844 mins Location: Burrator Reservoir

Iroquois Earth Songs connect businessman to nature

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Tribe of the SunTribe of the Sun

Amateur film197224 mins

The ill-fated dreams of Sid Rawls’ band of ‘ultra hippies’ attempting a self-sufficient communal life on John Lennon’s ‘Beatle Island’.

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First Purpose-built Traveller's Site in BritainFirst Purpose-built Traveller's Site in Britain

News19752 mins Location: Wisbech

Does staying on a permanent site interfere with travellers' traditions? Travellers who live in caravans on a site in Wisbech speak to Anglia TV

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Truro Carnival WeekTruro Carnival Week

Current affairs19324 minsSilent Location: Truro

Trurorians enjoy street carnival celebrations

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Haytor Love-inHaytor Love-in

Current affairs19671 minsSilent Location: Haytor Rocks

Hippies gather in Flower Power Love-in on Dartmoor’s Haytor

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A Beatnik Community in St AgnesA Beatnik Community in St Agnes

Current affairs196912 mins Location: St Agnes

A Beatnik community sets up in St Agnes against local wishes

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The Sidmouth Folk FestivalThe Sidmouth Folk Festival

Current affairs19707 mins Location: Sidmouth

International folk bands and troupes put on an act at Sidmouth

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Frank at 'Cities in the Park'Frank at 'Cities in the Park'

Amateur film19914 minsSilent Location: Heaton Park

Sunday in the park with Frank Sidebottom and the Manchester music mob.

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Spliffs, Joints and PotSpliffs, Joints and Pot

196531 mins Location: London

A beat musician shoots up on camera in this straight-talking 1965 film about recreational drug use.

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Rag Week in PlymouthRag Week in Plymouth

Current affairs19622 minsSilent Location: Plymouth

Student ragging acts increase funds for charities

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The Privileged? The PawnsThe Privileged? The Pawns

Documentary196820 mins Location: Exeter

What was it like for you? Exeter University Students reveal all.

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The Privileged? The Loose ChangeThe Privileged? The Loose Change

Documentary196813 mins Location: Exeter

Loose change at the University of Exeter ensures growth and investment.

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Gwennap Pit WeddingGwennap Pit Wedding

Current affairs19651 minsSilent Location: Gwennap Pit

Kynsa demmedhyans ena Gwennap Pit

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Honeymoon HotelHoneymoon Hotel

Current affairs19627 mins Location: Torquay

Honeymooning in Torquay is a communal affair.

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Manchester Spiritualists Procession (1901)Manchester Spiritualists Procession (1901)

Non-Fiction19017 minsSilent Location: Manchester

Exponents of Britain's newest religion don their Sunday best for a parade through Edwardian Manchester.

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Knights ElectricKnights Electric

Drama198024 mins Location: Great Yarmouth

Four rowdy teen punks tussle with the girls they fancy in this energetic pop music film shot on the seafront at Great Yarmouth.

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Amateur film196225 minsSilent Location: Aldermaston

A fascinating record of the 1962 Aldermaston March featuring Canon John Collins, Michael Foot and thousands of marchers of all ages.

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Jayne Mansfield in Male CallJayne Mansfield in Male Call

Current affairs19674 mins Location: Loxton

Jayne Mansfield turns it on for the camera at the Webbington Country Club.

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Knebworth Pop FestivalKnebworth Pop Festival

News19765 mins Location: Knebworth Ho

Free food' and 'free religion' is the mantra of some festival goers ahead of the Rolling Stones' appearance at Knebworth. And for the local publican, it's big business!

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The SquareThe Square

Drama195716 mins Location: Westminster

An old man looks back wistfully over his years spent living in a King's Cross square, and enjoys a surprise skiffle party organised by neighbours.

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The DestructorsThe Destructors

Documentary198312 mins Location: Brixton

Punk rebellion and anarchy with Peterborough-based punk band The Destructors, six years after their formation.

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Pop Group Settle for Commune in the CountryPop Group Settle for Commune in the Country

News19738 mins Location: Wortham

70's psych pop group, Global Village Trucking Company, have opted out of the rat race and now live in a commune in Norfolk. Anglia reports, 1973.

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Mods & RockersMods & Rockers

Drama196527 mins Location: Twickenham

A mop-topped Mick Fleetwood bashes the drums and steals the show in this bizarre 1960s beat ballet music film.

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Cheltenham Mods and RockersCheltenham Mods and Rockers

News196510 mins Location: Cheltenham

Is Cheltenham really "a place to pass the time before you pass out?" Is a lack of facilities causing tensions between mods and rockers who should be out enjoying the countryside?

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Skateboarding DemonstrationSkateboarding Demonstration

News19773 mins Location: Belfast

Watch the tricks, heed the tips, skate like a pro

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Billy Graham in UlsterBilly Graham in Ulster

Documentary197241 mins Location: Belfast

Will you join this charismatic evangelist's spiritual revolution?

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Self-Conscious Over YouSelf-Conscious Over You

Documentary198040 mins Location: Belfast

Witness The Outcasts at their incendiary best in this thrilling concert film

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Teena and SimonTeena and Simon

Documentary199016 mins

An intimate documentary portrait of a London couple, who candidly reveal the pleasures and pains of body piercing. Teena and Simon  are a contemporary couple united in mind, body and spirit.

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Peeling OffPeeling Off

Documentary199012 mins

Revealing doc about male stripper, Max McLure. Max earns his living performing strip-o-grams, working freelance either through his own company, Maxgrams, or through a 'gram agency'.

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The OptionThe Option

Documentary196518 mins Location: Derry / Londonderry

Terence McDonald throws some light on the nature, need and direction the priesthood is taking in Northern Ireland during the sixties.

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The Bardney Pop FestivalThe Bardney Pop Festival

News197222 mins

Fly your freak flag high with this far-out film shot at the Great Western Express Festival in muddy May 1972.

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Rolanda Polonsky, SculptorRolanda Polonsky, Sculptor

Documentary197110 mins

Enter the imaginative world of acclaimed sculptor Rolanda Polonsky, a resident of Netherne Psychiatric Hospital, Surrey.

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Good-Time GirlGood-Time Girl

Crime194892 mins Location: Islington

Find out what happens when a good girl goes bad in this controversial post-war Brit noir thriller starring Jean Kent.

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