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Honeymoon Hotel

Honeymooning in Torquay is a communal affair.

News 1962 7 mins

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Mrs Barnard is the owner of the Honeymoon Hotel in Torquay and it specialises in catering for honeymooning couples giving them a chance to socialise with each other. In the 1960s honeymoons become more affordable and package deals are offered to newly-weds with entertainment included. The fashionable seaside town of Torquay is transformed from a fishing port to a holiday seaside resort.

Torbay’s sandy beaches and mild climate earn it the nickname of the English Riviera and it is easily accessible by train. The exact origin of the word honeymoon is unknown although reference is made to it in the sixteenth century about the first month of marriage being the sweetest. In the nineteenth century couples would embark on a bridal tour and in the twentieth century a honeymoon becomes an intimate private holiday and chance to get to know each prior to embarking on married life.