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Early Gorsedh Procession

An Early Meeting of the Bards of Cornwall

Non-Fiction 1930 1 mins Silent

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The Meeting of the Bards of Cornwall is held annually on a high-place of Celtic worship such as Boscawen Un or Padderbury Heights. The horn is sounded to the four corners of the compass. Fruits of the earth are presented. They join in songs in the Cornish language to the music of the harp. Orations are given in Cornish and there is a great procession of the Bards in their blue mantles headed by the Arthurian sword-bearer and the Grand Bard Morton Nance.

The Bards of Cornwall are a society for the revival and preservation of the ancient language of Cornwall, the study of ancient rites and history and they are banded together to promote the Spirit of Cornwall. To be made a Bard of Cornwall is an honour only given to men and women of Cornish blood who have done or are doing worthy work in literature research or art especially in connection with Cornwall. The motto in the old Cornish language, Bedheugh Benytha Kernewek means Remain Forever Cornish and is a stated aim. This is filmed by Major Gill and part of the Royal Cornwall Museum’s collection.