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Mods & Rockers

A mop-topped Mick Fleetwood bashes the drums and steals the show in this bizarre 1960s beat ballet music film.

Performance 1965 27 mins


With a hairy young Mick Fleetwood on drum duty, unheralded British R'n'B band The Cheynes provide rocking backing for this bewildering full-colour beat ballet from 1965. Groovy young hipsters get down at a coffee bar before tensions erupt at the Vicar's crypt-kicking dance party, where a mod girl gets involved with a rocker boy.

This film's associate producer, flamboyant pop impresario Larry Parnes, was no stranger to the music business. He'd guided great British rock 'n' roller Billy Fury to stardom, and had profitably handled the careers of various other pop protégés, with the press rechristening him Mr Parnes, Shillings and Pence.