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Lt Pimple and the Stolen Submarine

The intrepid Lieutenant Pimple thwarts foreign enemies in an action-packed wartime spy spoof.

Comedy 1914 14 mins Silent


The dastardly plans of three bearded spies are foiled by the ingenuity of Lt Pimple in this action-packed spy spoof. The hugely popular Pimple starred in some 200 film comedies, which typically parodied popular genres and topical events. With its sub-aquatic plot, the Stolen Submarine reflects mounting naval rivalries between Britain and Germany, just as it slyly sends-up the spy serial.

This was one of several Pimple parodies of popular adventure series heroes such as Lieutenant Rose and Lieutenant Daring. Highlights of the Stolen Submarine include an undersea fist-fight, a wooden battleship, and a novel alternative to sending a message in a bottle... Pimple was the creation of music hall duo Fred and Joe Evans, who filmed largely from their Thames-side premises on Eel Pie Island (the naval chase scene at the climax of this film was recognisably shot at Twickenham's Embankment). The Pimple films were known for their endearingly low production values - cardboard sets and props worthy of Blue Peter - which were all part of the gag.