Other Grooves

An eccentric excursion to the furthest fringes of youth culture and alternative lifestyles, as captured in archive film and TV.

In this companion to BFI Player's Beat Generations collection you'll encounter an eclectic array of eccentrics, outsiders, activists and all who dare to be different. Among the tribes and iconoclasts represented here you'll find mods, rockers, Ufologists, New Age travellers, artists, anarchists, free thinkers, punks, pagans, skinheads, rastas, reverends and ravers. Warning: Some films in this collection include explicit adult material, including frank scenes of nudity, sexual activity and drug taking.

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Horror197391 minsDirector: Don Sharp

The greatest zombie-biker, toad-worshipping-Satanists horror in British cinema is an undisputed cult classic brimming with exciting action and fantastical mayhem.

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Midnight BreaksMidnight Breaks

1988113 minsDirector: Laurens C. Postma

Big Audio Dynamite’s Don Letts made his acting debut in this gripping, gritty 1990 drama of dreads, drugs, and music business corruption.

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Documentary197181 minsDirector: Anthony Klinger and Michael Lytton

In-your-face 70s documentary exploring the lives of Hell's Angels, hippies, skinheads, rudeboys, mods and drug addicts.

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Some PeopleSome People

Drama196290 minsDirector: Clive Donner

Cult 1960s musical drama about a leather boy who forms a Shadows-style guitar band.

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Other Worlds Are Watching UsOther Worlds Are Watching Us

195714 minsDirector: Geoffrey Hughes

Do you believe in flying saucers? Intrepid investigator Dan Farson weighs up the evidence in this fascinating TV film.

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Camp in CamdenCamp in Camden

Documentary197125 minsDirector: Dick Foster

Eye-opening record of an alternative summer camp for Camden youth by community group Inter-Action.

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The Seventh DayThe Seventh Day

195714 minsSilentDirector: Geoffrey Hughes

Man about town Daniel Farson grills the Lord's Day Observance Society on their beliefs about appropriate Sunday activities.

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Cosh BoyCosh Boy

Drama195375 minsDirector: Lewis Gilbert

Lewis Gilbert’s shocking and controversial 1952 drama focuses on a gang of juvenile delinquents and their dangerous exploits in post-war London.

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Design for LovingDesign for Loving

Comedy196269 minsSilentDirector: Godfrey Grayson

A grubby Soho beatnik becomes a fuzz-faced fashionista for a leading London fashion house in this 1960s rom com.

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That's the Way to Do ItThat's the Way to Do It

Horror198234 minsDirector: Stanley A. Long

A malevolent Mr Punch puppet goes on a murder spree after a teenage delinquent torments a seaside entertainer.

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Spirit of AlbionSpirit of Albion

Documentary198760 minsDirector: Richard Philpott

On the road with New Age travellers: political disquiet in the apocalyptic years of the mid-80s.

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Secret RitesSecret Rites

Documentary197147 minsDirector: Derek Ford

'King of the Witches' Alex Sanders initiates doe-eyed Penny into the ways of his coven.

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Beat GirlBeat Girl

Drama196087 minsDirector: Edmond T. Gréville

A cult classic British film about late-fifties youth-rebellion set against an intoxicating Beatnik backdrop.

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Expresso BongoExpresso Bongo

Drama1960111 minsDirector: Val Guest

Val Guest's 1959 London-shot Brit Beat classic charts the fortunes of aspiring musician Bert Rudge (Cliff Richard)

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