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Midnight Breaks

Big Audio Dynamite’s Don Letts made his acting debut in this gripping, gritty 1990 drama of dreads, drugs, and music business corruption.

1988 113 mins

Director: Laurens C. Postma


When sweet-voiced Cassie (Dawn Hope) of unsigned reggae act Midnight is offered a lucrative deal to join successful group Breaks by record company rep Billy (Toyah Willcox), her bandmate boyfriend Tyron (Letts) is none too pleased. But a lucrative – if dangerous - alternative career beckons, as Tyron becomes a distinctly dodgy delivery man for high-class drug dealer Orlando (Robbie Coltrane).

London-born Don Letts had shot some of the best documentary footage of the punk phenomenon as it happened in the capital in the 1970s, and introduced many dub and reggae records to the scene through his DJ sets at the legendary Roxy night club.