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Yardie 15 rating

In his thrilling directorial debut, Idris Elba brings to life Victor Headley’s cult crime novel.

Crime 2018 102 mins

Director: Idris Elba



It’s Jamaica 1973 when we meet music-loving MC Dennis/D in his lush but dangerous stomping ground, navigating a world of violent political gangs. When he witnesses his beloved brother’s assassination, his lust for revenge leads him to the underworld of London, England – the Motherland.

Victor Headley’s novel was a sensation when first released, an independent release whose sales figures astounded the literary industry in the days before self-publishing. Elba's pulsating adaptation viscerally presents London’s urban grime scene with the help of a stonking soundtrack and a seductive dancehall sequence. Yardie provides a rare cinematic platform for a supreme black British cast; Aml Ameen’s portrayal of D proves a coming-of-age for this young talent, while a mesmerising Shantol Jackson steals every scene. Yardie is made with the support of the BFI using funds from the National Lottery.