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In-your-face 70s documentary exploring the lives of Hell's Angels, hippies, skinheads, rudeboys, mods and drug addicts.

Documentary 1971 81 mins Not rated

Director: Anthony Klinger and Michael Lytton


"This film is a statement of fact. Nothing was staged. Nothing was shot for sensation," says the narrator. But prepare to be shocked by unexpurgated, hard hitting documentary footage of Hell's Angels, hippies, mods, skinheads, rudeboys, rock fans and heroin addicts. London and the Isle of Wight festival are captured on film with no frills, to the accompaniment of groovy 1970s rare-rock sounds.

Some of the songs from the soundtrack - by an early incarnation of Supertramp, as well as lesser-known acts including Arc, Mark McCann and Crucible - featured on what has become an extremely rare LP, on the highly collectible Deram label. Co-director Tony Klinger - son of Get Carter producer Michael Klinger - later produced The Who's The Kids are Alright documentary film, released in 1979. Please note this film features explicit adult material, including frank scenes of nudity, sexual activity and drug taking.