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Wild West 15 rating

Defying opposition from his conservative Pakistani family, Zaf Ayub dreams of becoming Southall's greatest gift to country & western.

Comedy 1993 84 mins

Director: David Attwood


A troupe of Pakistani musicians dream of Country & Western stardom in this freewheelin', boundary-busting honky tonk comedy set in the wilds of West London. Sacked from his day job, Zaf is determined to make a success of his band. Undeterred by opposition from family and the local Pakistani community, Zaf and his band struggle on... until Zaf meets the beautiful and talented but unhappy Rifat.

With early roles for Naveen Andrews and Sarita Choudhury, this energetic and hugely likeable film arrived a little too far ahead of the late-90s Asian boom - led by Bend it Like Beckham and East is East - to win the audience it deserved.