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Brothers in Trouble 15 rating

Udayan Prasad's perceptive 1995 drama follows Amir (Pavan Malhotra), a Pakistani immigrant living in England and adjusting to his new life - including meeting an Irish girl who moves into his boarding house.

Drama 1996 103 mins

Director: Udayan Prasad


Udayan Prasad's shrewd and perceptive 1995 drama about immigration, new encounters, and all its complications. Amir (Pavan Malhotra) is a Pakistani immigrant who has just moved to 60s England to make money in a factory to support his family far away. He lives in a large boarding house with several other Asian immigrants, and together they try to get by - that is, until the arrival of an Irish girl in their house shakes things up. Prasad's eye for humanity and even humour is evident in nearly every scene in this moving and insightful film.