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Camp in Camden

Eye-opening record of an alternative summer camp for Camden youth by community group Inter-Action.

Documentary 1971 25 mins Not rated

Director: Dick Foster



Watch out for the Moon men! Out of the ashes of the 60s in the ever-alternative Camden Town came this bold experiment in community education. There are some surprises in store for participants and observers in this eye-opening documentary, shot in a then-innovative 'fly on the wall' style. The film follows a summer camp run by collective Inter-Action, as it engages, entertains and educates a group of young people with a range of abilities through theatre role-play.

Inter-Action was set up in 1968 by the American-born ED Berman, a multi-talented educator, poet, playwright and social activist, and a pioneer in developing innovative community projects to foster education and creativity. The tireless Berman is still very active today.