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Gorsedh Procession through St Just

Bards bestow honour on Barbara Hepworth

News 1968 1 mins Silent

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Members of the Gorsedh Kernow or Cornish Gorsedd meet at St Just in Cornwall. The Gorsedd has non-political aims to be guardian of the Cornish language and Celtic spirit. The procession is part of a ceremonial day of circle gathering and awards are given in recognition of a contribution to Cornish culture. Artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth of the school of modernism is honoured with an award and given the bardic name of Gravyor.

The Gorsedd is based on the Welsh Gorseddau which was itself rekindled in 1792 by druid revivalist Iolo Morganwg. The Archdruid of Wales is supreme head. The three main Gorsedds in Britain are held regularly in Moel Merw and Bryn Gwyddon in Wales and Boscawen-Un in Cornwall. The Cornish Bards are equal in status so all robes are sky blue in colour. Former Grand Bards are distinguishable by bright yellow headdresses with an Awen motif. The quest for Awen is a quest for the spirit of druidry. In pre-Christian Celtic times and with links to paganism, druids were members of the educated professional classes responsible for passing on teachings to others.