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The Aetherius Society at Holdstone Down

Aetherius people join together to help the planet at Holy Mountain

Current affairs 1963 5 mins

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The Aetherius Society is a religion founded by George King in 1955 based on New Age and Unidentified Flying Object or UFO beliefs and a mixture of Christian, Hindu and Buddhist millenarianism or in other words a belief that a major transformation of society is coming. His followers hold a service to connect with space people on Holdstone Down on Exmoor believed by them to be the site of contacts with extraterrestrial beings or alien peoples.

The Society’s goal is to promote world peace between earth peoples and alien masters through a telepathic transfer of spirituality. King claims to be in contact with Aetherius telepathically and channels Aetherian thoughts to his followers. Cosmic Masters such as Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu have come to earth as Avatars to pass on their teachings. It was suggested that before setting up the society George King was a London cab driver.