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Rag Week in Plymouth

Student ragging acts increase funds for charities

News 1962 2 mins Silent

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Students at the University of Plymouth enjoy a week of activities aimed at raising money for charity. A Charleston marathon, dressing up, the election of a rag king or queen and throwing money in a bucket have perhaps led the way for today’s modern fundraisers. New ways of encouraging people to donate form the basis of the rag or Raise And Give (RAG).

The word rag in the Oxford English Dictionary may mean disorderly behaviour or the act of ragging someone in the street until they give a charity donation with the modern version being known as chugging or charity mugging. University Rag societies running a week of fun activities to raise money for charities used to be drunk and disorderly affairs but have since turned a corner. They now form a firm part of university life and well-organised societies hold events throughout the academic year raising millions of pounds for charity.