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At Last the 1948 Show (Series 2 episode 5) PG rating

David Frost's upstart protégés bite the hand that feed them, by brutally parodying his talk show style.

Comedy 1967 25 mins

Director: Ian Fordyce



This episode takes aim at the television talk show with The Marvin Bint Programme, featuring a fairly brutal parody (by Tim Brooke-Taylor) of the king of the genre, David Frost. Given that Frost was also executive producer of The 1948 Show, this was very much a case of biting the hand that feeds you, though it also demonstrates the freedom Frost allowed his protégés to express themselves. Elsewhere, Marty Feldman gives us another of his employees being taken to task for misdemeanours, in the shape of a confrontation between a football-club chairman (Graham Chapman) and a wayward footballer, which is so spot-on it could have been written yesterday.