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Do Not Adjust Your Set (Pilot Episode) PG rating

The DNAYS team were assembled for this festive edition featuring a variety of sketches, including a strangely sentimental item with Michael Palin as an unloved music-hall-style singer.

Children's 1967 23 mins

Director: Daphne Shadwell



The new team were all on top form in this festive confection which should have been screened on Boxing Day 1967. Unfortunately, a mix up with the tapes meant that episode one (also pre-recorded by this point) was shown instead. Look out for David Jason - especially limber in the opening ‘boxing’ dance - amidst a wide-ranging collection of sketches. The oddest inclusion is a strangely sentimental sketch featuring Michael Palin as an unloved music-hall-style singer.

The Bonzos behave themselves on this inaugural occasion – keeping to their positions for a polished Jollity Farm, notably featuring Sam Spoons as a policeman and Vernon Dudley Bohay Nowell as a Machiavellian puppeteer. The group provide the backing for the team’s big Boxing Day dance number – written especially for the occasion by Neil Innes - at the end.