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Do Not Adjust Your Set (Series 2 episode 2) PG rating

The only surviving Series 2 episode features an abundance of sketches that move fast, are neatly shot, slickly written and very amusing indeed.

Comedy 1969 25 mins

Director: Adrian Cooper



The only episode from Series 2 proper known to exist in its entirety. After a Gilliam-esque animated opening title sequence (though from the credits it would appear that he wasn’t involved in this episode), you’ll notice the deeper sound of the laughter – the studio audience, briefly revealed, seems populated by university students.

The sketches move fast, are neatly shot, slickly written and in some cases very amusing indeed (especially the sketch featuring Palin’s airline passenger upsetting businessman Jones). Captain Fantastic is still odd and entertaining, with many more overdubbed voices; only The Bonzos seem slightly less mobile, perhaps to accommodate a huge but fragile-looking robot who has joined the band for the evening. They all stay obediently in place, but Stanshall sneaks a delightfully strange finger puppet into a rendition of ‘Beautiful Zelda’.