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Do Not Adjust Your Set (Series 1 episode 2) PG rating

A more adult tone creeps into some of the sketches, in this second episode of the seminal series.

Children's 1968 25 mins

Director: Daphne Shadwell



A more adult tone creeps into some of the sketches – notably the initial routine in which Denise Coffey is attempting to identify a ‘filthy beast’ (louchely played by Vivian Stanshall), and in the hospital sketch, as bossy doctor Idle snaps at meek patient Jones ‘you’re not in a strip club’.

Elsewhere, we see Denise sending up stuffy BBC-style kids’ TV, the kind of Jones/Palin overgrown schoolboys and suburban Supermen we’ll meet again in Python, disturbingly made-up Bonzos delivering a thoroughly frightening Look Out There’s a Monster Coming and hear some entertainingly extraneous tuba tootles overflowing across the end credits.