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Do Not Adjust Your Set (Series 1 episode 12) PG rating

As the series nears its conclusion everybody in the cast seems thoroughly at ease with each other, delivering both slapstick and cerebral sketches with smooth efficiency.

Children's 1968 25 mins

Director: Daphne Shadwell



Everybody in the cast seems thoroughly at ease with each other now and The Bonzos perform a very special version of ‘The Intro and the Outro’ celebrating the stars of the show. We’re reminded shortly afterwards, though, that the Oxbridge men had been hired to be cerebral and write the sketches, while commoner David Jason was originally enlisted to do the slapstick stuff thanks to the ‘How to Fall Over’ sketch – wherein we see smart university graduate Palin deliver the smooth monologue, while vulgar chappie Jason takes many a rough demonstrative tumble for the cameras.