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At Last the 1948 Show (Series 2 episode 2) PG rating

A completely reconstructed episode sourced from Swedish TV compilations, ABC reels and audio recordings by Ray Frensham.

Comedy 1967 26 mins

Director: Ian Fordyce



A completely reconstructed episode sourced from the Swedish TV compilations and the ABC reels, the latter providing the one otherwise-missing sketch and some of the links by Aimi MacDonald. The Ray Frensham audio tapes were invaluable as a template, allowing us to connect extracts and fragments in the correct order and with precise timing. Although some of the BFI’s partial reconstructions have been superseded by the subsequent recovery of the complete shows, this one has never been found so the fact that a full restoration was possible makes it unique on this set.

Its premiere screening was at a BFI Missing Believed Wiped event in 2002 and it subsequently formed part of BBC4’s Missing Believed Wiped evening in 2003.