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At Last the 1948 Show (Series 2 episode 1) PG rating

An incomplete episode that has been reconstructed with audio and scripts, but which features a video fragments of John Cleese's classic ‘Joke Shop’ sketch.

Sketch show 1967 25 mins

Director: Ian Fordyce



This incomplete episode was reconstructed using the Swedish TV compilations and Ray Frensham’s audio recordings. Rediffusion scripts were used for the two sketches for which no moving image material was then available. Since the reconstruction was first done, a fragment of the ‘Joke Shop’ sketch was recovered from the ABC reels and has been embedded in this presentation, giving a good idea of what the full sketch was like, including John Cleese’s striking costume and manic demeanour. A change from the first series is that Aimi is now the only hostess and she is given much greater scope to develop her comic talents, including the running gag ‘Make the Lovely Aimi MacDonald a Rich Lady Fund’.