The Arts on Film

Behind the canvas with a movie camera: you can almost smell the turpentine in these fascinating portraits of artists at work.

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture," so it's said. So what about filming about art? Whatever the challenges, filmmakers have never been deterred from exploring other media in film - and for that we should give thanks. These films give us an often unique record of the artist - dancer or architect, painter or sculptor, musician, novelist or poet - at work and at leisure. They present artists speaking lucidly about their work. They preserve performances otherwise lost forever. And, perhaps best of all, they take us inside the creative process, allowing us to witness works of art emerging before our eyes.

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Mining Review 25th Year No. 9Mining Review 25th Year No. 9

197210 mins Location: Mayfair

A painterly profile of County Durham's brilliant miner-artist Tom McGuinness.

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Figures in a LandscapeFigures in a Landscape

Documentary195317 minsSilent Location: St Ives

A poetic portrait of sculptor Barbara Hepworth and the otherworldly Cornish landscapes which inspired her.

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197829 mins

Impressionistic portrait of life as a dancer in London’s Ballet Rambert.

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Documentary196714 mins

Spend a few intense minutes with Giacometti in his Paris studio and see him at work on his striking sculptures.

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Portrait of David HockneyPortrait of David Hockney

Animation & Artists Moving Image197213 mins

Filmed at the time Hockney was painting Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, this compelling study concentrates on the textures and light which surround the artist in his home and studio.

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Ten Years in an Open Necked ShirtTen Years in an Open Necked Shirt

Documentary198461 mins

Discover the 'name behind the hairstyle', in this essential portrait of the bard of Salford, aka John Cooper Clarke.

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Odeon CavalcadeOdeon Cavalcade

Documentary197337 mins

Cinema-goers escape their worries by stepping into the glorious Art Deco luxury of the Odeon picture palaces.

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Gainsborough Bicentenary CelebrationsGainsborough Bicentenary Celebrations

Non-Fiction19272 minsSilent Location: Sudbury

Commemorations for 'The Blue Boy' author, English painter Thomas Gainsborough, in his home town of Sudbury; a local newsreel to mark the bi-centenary of his birth.

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Being and DoingBeing and Doing

Documentary198455 mins

Ken McMullen and Stuart Brisley consider the links between performance art and folk ritual.

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L.S. Lowry - The Industrial ArtistL.S. Lowry - The Industrial Artist

Documentary197317 mins Location: Mottram in Longdendale

Matchstick men and so much more - the work and world of Lawrence Stephen Lowry, recorder of the industrial north.

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Bill Brookes - Painter of DarwenBill Brookes - Painter of Darwen

Documentary197611 mins Location: Darwen

A self-taught Lancashire artist reflects on the town that inspired his creative career.

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Can I Have a Dragon Please?Can I Have a Dragon Please?

Documentary198311 mins

Perusing body embellishment in the early eighties, tattoo fans talk about their enthusiasm for staining skin long before it dominated Dalston.

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The Scandalous ParsonThe Scandalous Parson

Comedy196727 mins Location: Belfast

Author of Gulliver's Travels faces trial by television

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Mona LisaMona Lisa

Animation & Artists Moving Image19832 mins

Playful experimental film about one of the most famous, widely reproduced paintings in the world.

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Date with an ArtistDate with an Artist

201329 mins

Dinos and Jake Chapman create a mannequin for Justine Frischmann and Sam Taylor-Wood mounts an innovative installation.

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Photomontage Today: Peter KennardPhotomontage Today: Peter Kennard

Documentary198335 mins

An analysis of the use of photomontage to distort meaning and create subversive and oppositional art, exemplified by the work of Peter Kennard.

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Artist - Robert Evans-HughesArtist - Robert Evans-Hughes

Amateur film196111 minsSilent Location: Rhyl

From Llanrwst to Australia, Rome to London, and then finally to Rhyl, Robert Evans-Hughes painted what he saw and, having painted, he would ponder his work with a pipe.

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Performance19955 mins

Katrina McPherson’s dance film intimately tracks the frenetic movements of a solo dancer, accompanied by an electronic score by Philip Jeck.

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London's Free ShowsLondon's Free Shows

Travelogue19248 mins Location: Westminster

Part of Wonderful London, the BFI National Archive’s programme of restored London travelogues, filmed in the capital in the 1920s.

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Jane GaskellJane Gaskell

Documentary196820 mins

London swallowed up by the green belt? Fantasy and horror writer Jane Gaskell muses on how the future looks for the hippie generation.

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Rufus De Pinto - Artist and EccentricRufus De Pinto - Artist and Eccentric

Factual TV19657 mins Location: Stradbroke

Anglia TV’s Mike Robson visits eccentric British artist Rufus De Pinto at his home in Stradbroke, Suffolk.

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Listen to BritainListen to Britain

Documentary194220 mins

Humphrey Jennings and Stewart McAllister's masterly collage of the various people and classes of Britain - at home and at work, at war and at peace - is one of the great films of war-time Britain.

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The Artist's House and His Works - Sir Alfred MunningsThe Artist's House and His Works - Sir Alfred Munnings

Factual TV19714 mins Location: Dedham

A peek inside the Munnings Art Museum in Dedham, Essex, a memorial to England’s finest painter of horses, known as the artist who hated Picasso.

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Island ArtistIsland Artist

Amateur film195320 mins Location: Bardsey Island/Ynys Enlli

At home with Brenda Chamberlain. The artist/writer from Bangor lived on Bardsey 1947-62 and is filmed there by a regular visitor to the island.

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Raymond Piper and Creative WomenRaymond Piper and Creative Women

Inside Film197515 mins Location: Belfast

Join Spectrum as Ulster Television celebrate two rarities in Northern Irish art, orchids and an entirely female exhibition.

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Exhibition of Sculptures by Daphne Hardy HenrionExhibition of Sculptures by Daphne Hardy Henrion

Factual TV19764 minsSilent Location: Ely

Figurative sculptor of the human form, Daphne Hardy Henrion’s solo exhibition at the Old Fire Engine House in Ely, Cambs. Anglia Television.

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Seamus Heaney, A Sense of IrelandSeamus Heaney, A Sense of Ireland

Inside Film19806 mins Location: Belfast

Seamus Heaney on how writers help give a nation its sense of self

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War PoetryWar Poetry

196427 mins

Five poetic responses to war, from Michael Redgrave's reading of Henry V to a musical rendition of a 1950s folk classic.

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Biopic200014 mins Location: Whitby

Imagining the unimaginable through the eyes of Wilfred Owen, combining reconstructions of Owen’s war experiences with animation and readings from his poems and letters.

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Cambridge PoemCambridge Poem

Factual TV19623 mins Location: Cambridge

Cambridge graduate, English poet and wit, C.S. Calverley's poem, read by Dick Graham for Anglia Television, with accompanying visuals to illustrate the verse.

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Lakeland PoetsLakeland Poets

Documentary193812 minsSilent Location: Lake District National Park

Immerse yourself in the beautiful serenity of the Lake District and the poetry this treasured landscape inspired.

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Poet Goes NorthPoet Goes North

Documentary196826 mins Location: Leeds

A long-lost BBC documentary of John Betjeman reflecting, in his unhurried manner, his sense that something vital was being lost and singling out what should be preserved.

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Portrait of an ArtistPortrait of an Artist

News19762 mins Location: Plymouth

Lenkiewicz and a relationship study on self portraiture.

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Robert Lenkiewicz and VagrancyRobert Lenkiewicz and Vagrancy

News19731 mins Location: Plymouth

Lenkiewicz takes people in with his exceptional art.

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Lenkiewicz and the Leaves were Full of ChildrenLenkiewicz and the Leaves were Full of Children

News19825 mins Location: Plymouth

Lenkiewicz is filmed talking about his projects.

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Metafictional John FowlesMetafictional John Fowles

News19832 mins Location: Dowlands

Self-confessed recluse admits to Living on the Brink.

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Father of British Studio PotteryFather of British Studio Pottery

News19784 mins Location: St Ives

Bernard Leach offers an insight into his life’s work.

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The Trouble with ArtThe Trouble with Art

Documentary199341 mins Location: Belfast

Compelling personal stories from 13 artists as they wrestle with difficult questions during troubling times in Northern Ireland.

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Out of ChaosOut of Chaos

Documentary194427 mins Location: Trafalgar Square

"Why in the height of a world war, should there be this terrific interest in painting?"

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Malevich SuprematismMalevich Suprematism

Animation & Artists Moving Image19719 mins

Lutz Becker’s innovative homage to the work of Kazimir Malevich uses one of his unrealised film scripts as the basis for a portrait of the artist and his theory of abstract art, Suprematism.

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Muybridge RevisitedMuybridge Revisited

Animation & Artists Moving Image19865 mins Location: Fulham

Iconic images by photo-pioneer Eadweard Muybridge come to life in this striking video collage.

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Louis Le BrocquyLouis Le Brocquy

Inside Film197324 mins Location: Belfast

The artist discusses his inspiration, early education and enslavement by Cubism in an un-broadcast interview from the UTV archives.

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The Portable TheatreThe Portable Theatre

Documentary196824 mins Location: Derry / Londonderry

Meet the McCormick Players and experience one of Ireland’s last travelling theatres before it falls victim to the TV epidemic.

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Portrait by Emmanuel LevyPortrait by Emmanuel Levy

Amateur film19517 minsSilent Location: Hyde

Capturing an image - a picture of an accomplished portrait painter at work.

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Inter TieInter Tie

Amateur film197010 mins Location: Middlesbrough

Song and dance folk hit the streets of Middlesbrough with a splash of international colour for the Tees-Side International Eisteddfod.

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Lifestyle: The Shapes of CornishLifestyle: The Shapes of Cornish

Documentary197626 mins Location: Spennymoor

A shot against time: the last ‘pitman painter’ turns an unblinking eye on the near-vanished world of the County Durham coalfields.

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Laughing at LifeLaughing at Life

Documentary198126 mins Location: Scotswood

“A bundle of nerves, no music, one black dress”: Scarlet O’Hara, a Geordie queen of comedy, looks back at her life of grit and glamour.

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Performance19777 mins Location: Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks provides the perfect setting for an entrancing and hypnotic enactment of a primitive ritual in front of bemused sightseers.

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Alfred Wallis - Artist and MarinerAlfred Wallis - Artist and Mariner

Biopic197322 mins Location: St Ives

Fascinating glimpses into the life and work of Alfred Wallis.

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Artist Mecca of PolperroArtist Mecca of Polperro

Amateur film19302 minsSilent Location: Polperro

Historic fishing village of Polperro is mecca for artists

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Bernard Shaw's VillageBernard Shaw's Village

Documentary19499 mins Location: Ayot St Lawrence

Pay a visit to the celebrated playwright's home in Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire.

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A Sense of IrelandA Sense of Ireland

Inside Film19806 mins Location: Westminster

Irish culture makes an ambitious leap in search of an audience beyond its own shores. How will London react to Ireland’s new found confidence?

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Brendan BehanBrendan Behan

Inside Film196410 mins Location: Belfast

The writer and talker from North Dublin makes one of his final TV appearances in both an interview and scenes from his funeral.

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Arthur TwellsArthur Twells

Inside Film19715 mins Location: Greyabbey

Escape to the rocky shore of Strangford Lough for a windswept encounter with a painter who captures its beauty.

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Francis Bacon: Paintings 1944-1962Francis Bacon: Paintings 1944-1962

Documentary196311 mins

David Thompson’s wordless film from 1963 presents an unsettling montage of images from Bacon’s major mid-period works.

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Biopic196627 mins

Stirring account of the man who was perhaps England's greatest painter, narrated by Michael Hordern.

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Hepworth on FormHepworth on Form

News19734 mins Location: St Ives

Barbara Hepworth discusses a life of dedication to visual arts.

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In My Sculpture GardenIn My Sculpture Garden

News19661 minsSilent Location: Trewyn

Barbara Hepworth is grappling with forms in her studio garden.

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Freedom of St Ives for Leach and HepworthFreedom of St Ives for Leach and Hepworth

Acceptance speech19686 mins Location: St Ives

Artists are honoured as valued members of the St Ives Art Colony.

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Barbara Hepworth at the TateBarbara Hepworth at the Tate

Biopic196912 mins

A record of the famed sculptor’s 1968 Tate retrospective, accompanied by a fascinating narration by Hepworth herself.

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Hepworth Sculpture Arrives at Bolton MuseumHepworth Sculpture Arrives at Bolton Museum

Amateur film197015 minsSilent Location: Bolton

Art on the move - behind the scenes at Bolton Museum.

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Henry Moore: Recollections of a Yorkshire ChildhoodHenry Moore: Recollections of a Yorkshire Childhood

Documentary198139 mins Location: Castleford

From solitary Idle Rock to recumbent sculptured stone, from terraced house and pit shaft to Sheep Piece, a national treasure in the making.

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Lifestyle: The Little Waster Makes GoodLifestyle: The Little Waster Makes Good

Documentary197626 mins Location: Penshaw

The north east’s finest flat-capped stand-up, Bobby Thompson, talks about his life in comedy.

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Arthur Conan Doyle Relaxes with his Family at WindleshamArthur Conan Doyle Relaxes with his Family at Windlesham

Amateur film192917 minsSilent

The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, relaxes with his family in Windlesham and goes on tour to Egypt, Africa and Australia

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One Foot in EdenOne Foot in Eden

Documentary197849 mins Location: Orkney Islands

Orkney evoked through poetry, the sounds of nature, and the music of Peter Maxwell Davies.

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The Long TraditionThe Long Tradition

Documentary198750 mins Location: Wark

A Northumbrian soul: the language and history of a landscape in the music of Kathryn Tickell.

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28b Camden Street28b Camden Street

Documentary196528 mins Location: St Pancras

A powerful documentary which sees a community of artists under threat as their London studios face demolition.

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Painters in the Modern WorldPainters in the Modern World

Documentary196920 mins

Insightful documentary exploring the inspirations, environments and working methods of three contemporary artists.

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Jessye Norman: SingerJessye Norman: Singer

Documentary198774 mins

This long-form portrait of an iconic opera star looks behind the voice to her youth in the segregated American South

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Nancy KuoNancy Kuo

Magazine and Review show19859 mins Location: Camden Town

Composition is the key as Nancy Kuo guides us through the strength and grace of her art in her Camden Town studio.

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The Airy TombThe Airy Tomb

Drama196313 mins Location: Pontrhydfendigaid

An isolated life can mean that home is nothing more than an “airy tomb”, as imagined by poet and rural parish priest R S Thomas.

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A Visit to an Art SchoolA Visit to an Art School

Amateur film192934 minsSilent Location: Manchester

What do artists do all day? Join the art students of Manchester to find out.

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Frida Kahlo & Tina ModottiFrida Kahlo & Tina Modotti

Animation & Artists Moving Image198330 mins

Immerse yourself in the work of Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti - icons of the Mexican Renaissance.

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Leonardo Da Vinci The Tragic Pursuit of PerfectionLeonardo Da Vinci The Tragic Pursuit of Perfection

Biopic195326 mins

A portrait of the artist as a "sublime demon with the archangel's face", with an innovative musique concrète soundtrack.

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Shadows from Light: The Photography of Bill BrandtShadows from Light: The Photography of Bill Brandt

Documentary198355 mins

Take a mesmerising journey through the world of Bill Brandt's shadowy black and white photography.

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The Constable CountryThe Constable Country

Amateur film19707 mins Location: East Bergholt

Glimpses on Super 8 film of the picturesque landmarks and pretty countryside that inspired Romantic artist John Constable's paintings.

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Minster GlassMinster Glass

Documentary19867 mins Location: York

A man with a historic mission, dedicated to preserving the magnificent artistry of the medieval glaziers of York for future generations.

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A Woodman's DreamA Woodman's Dream

Amateur film19837 mins Location: Harrogate

The transformative power of both nature and art meet as a tree becomes an elegant bird in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

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Beryl Cook on the HoeBeryl Cook on the Hoe

News19753 mins Location: Plymouth

Affable Beryl Cook downplays her gift.

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Beryl Cook at HomeBeryl Cook at Home

News19802 mins Location: Plymouth

The people’s painter who dared to defy the art world.

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Operatic OperationOperatic Operation

Amateur film196316 mins Location: Cleveleys

A night at the operetta with the Thornton-Cleveleys Amateur Operatic Society.

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The Hospital SingThe Hospital Sing

Documentary198726 mins Location: Mapplewell

A chance to see and hear the last mining village, and last generation, to keep alive a cultural practice that knitted a community together.

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Hallmark of HarmonyHallmark of Harmony

Documentary198626 mins Location: Sheffield

The many joys of barbershop singing on display as our Sheffield hopefuls are cajoled into a winning chorus by an inspirational teacher.

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Tom Sharpe and the Places I HateTom Sharpe and the Places I Hate

News19838 mins Location: Lympstone

The satirical novelist pokes fun at the places he loves to hate.

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The CeramicistsThe Ceramicists

Inside Film197219 mins Location: Downpatrick

What passions burn behind doors in Downpatrick? Enjoy a tale of two unknown artists who have both found something they can truly call their own.

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Documentary196730 mins Location: Chelsea

Potter Ted sells his work in London, to keep the wolf from the door, but practises his art at Felin Wen, his home-cum-studio at Pontrug, Gwynedd.

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Travelling for a LivingTravelling for a Living

Documentary196645 mins Location: Kingston upon Hull

This "musical profile of the Watersons" is a precious document of the British folk revival, much of it shot in their hometown, Hull.

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Documentary19888 mins Location: Jesmond

Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat Ka-Boom! Introducing … an anarchic spoof tour of the cult satirical rag Viz with creator Chris Donald.

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Rolanda Polonsky, SculptorRolanda Polonsky, Sculptor

Documentary197110 mins

Enter the imaginative world of acclaimed sculptor Rolanda Polonsky, a resident of Netherne Psychiatric Hospital, Surrey.

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Artists Must LiveArtists Must Live

Documentary195329 mins Location: Westminster

The artist's place in 1950s Britain - and how it's paid for.

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Documentary197223 minsSilent

An exploration of creative and technological innovation, with images from the Hayward Gallery's groundbreaking 1970 show.

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A Beautiful Way To LiveA Beautiful Way To Live

Factual TV197125 mins Location: Downham Market

Novelist Cressida Lindsay and Commune Movement pioneer Sarah Eno feature in this Anglia TV documentary about life in a commune.

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Writers and Artists Commune At Old Rectory Farm, Scoulton, NorfolkWriters and Artists Commune At Old Rectory Farm, Scoulton, Norfolk

News19708 mins Location: Scoulton

Author Cressida Lindsay has created a commune in rural Norfolk for fellow writers, artists, sculptors, and the occasional pop group.

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I Know What I Like (Artists)I Know What I Like (Artists)

Documentary198326 mins Location: Holtby

In a ten mile triangle giant toads are sculpted in bronze, the intricacies of trees are captured in oil and the first space invader is exhibited.

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Pieter Brueghel the ElderPieter Brueghel the Elder

195928 mins

A pre-Civilisation Kenneth Clark fronts this impressive early arts broadcast on the great Flemish painter.

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British - Are They Artistic?British - Are They Artistic?

Documentary194820 mins

From peep shows to opera glasses: how war and state funding turned a "Philistine, sports-loving people" into connoisseurs of the high arts.

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Emily JaneEmily Jane

Documentary198029 mins Location: Haworth

Out on the wiley, windy moors, by rundown stone cottages, the bonneted Brontë sisters feed their imagination, and Emily (aka Ellis Bell) dreams of meeting her Heathcliffe.

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A Bronte ChristmasA Bronte Christmas

Documentary198014 mins Location: Haworth

Richard Whiteley joins children on the Worth Valley Railway Santa’s Special, while the Haworth Town Band sing On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at.

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The Shooting of Emily JaneThe Shooting of Emily Jane

Amateur film198023 mins Location: Stanbury

An intriguing film of an amateur filming a documentary about Emily Brontë on location, up on the Yorkshire moors, and editing it in his home.

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Mother IrelandMother Ireland

197638 mins

Edna O’Brien interviewed by Russell Harty about her writing and her relationship with Ireland

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Pebbles in the FloodPebbles in the Flood

Documentary197524 mins

Musings on life and literature in this student drama made by the Cambridge Film Unit.

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Topical Budget Ham Spray September 1929Topical Budget Ham Spray September 1929

Amateur film19293 minsSilent Location: Ham Spray Ho

Bloomsbury Group antics at the Wiltshire home of Dora Carrington and Lytton Strachey.

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The Last RomanticThe Last Romantic

Biopic196528 mins

Daphne du Maurier curates, and Cyril Cusack presents, the poetry of WB Yeats in this evocative centenary commemoration.

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Gray's ElegyGray's Elegy

193816 minsSilent Location: Stoke Poges

A tribute to poet Thomas Gray's elegiac masterpiece.

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Wordsworth and the LakesWordsworth and the Lakes

193912 mins Location: Grasmere

Travelogue of places in the Lake District associated with William Wordsworth

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Brighton Arts FestivalBrighton Arts Festival

19674 minsSilent

Behind the scenes at the very first Brighton Festival

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Send Out Your Homing Pigeons DaiSend Out Your Homing Pigeons Dai

Documentary196715 mins Location: Rhymney

What do pigeons want? Patience, punctuality and kindness, according to William Robinson of Rhymney who loves his birds.

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Blue KennyBlue Kenny

Drama200013 mins Location: Blackwood/Coed Duon

Someone new, someone old, something borrowed and something blue combine to make a school tale that pits inspired youth against aged cynicism.

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Anish KapoorAnish Kapoor

Documentary198514 minsSilent

Sculptor Anish Kapoor offers insight into his work for a major exhibition of new British sculpture at the Hayward Gallery

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The Artist in WalesThe Artist in Wales

Documentary197832 mins Location: Swansea/Abertawe

Where would a world of movers and shakers be without the makers and soul-feeders? Long live the poets and musicians, artists and performers!

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Memoirs of a Pit OrchestraMemoirs of a Pit Orchestra

Drama-documentary198139 mins Location: Cardiff/Caerdydd

War and a grinding economy take their toll on the spirit and soul of the Welsh in this haunting, poetic study

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Arlunydd wrth ei Waith /Artist at WorkArlunydd wrth ei Waith /Artist at Work

Documentary197212 mins Location: Trearddur Bay

No place to hide: sculptor accepts challenge of creating piece for Holyhead comprehensive school working in an open Trearddur Bay studio.

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Landscape from a DreamLandscape from a Dream

Documentary197829 mins

Profile of artist Paul Nash, who was fascinated by the atmosphere of places and the surreal aspects of landscape.

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St. Adolf IISt. Adolf II

Documentary197120 mins

The strange life and obsessive creativity of psychotic outsider artist Adolf Wölfli.

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Portrait of a Glass WorkerPortrait of a Glass Worker

Documentary196213 mins Location: Wealdstone

A young art student captures the artistry and skill of a glass worker.

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Sheffield TheatreSheffield Theatre

19725 minsSilent

Meet a young Ian McKellen, treading the boards of the legendary Crucible Theatre.

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Glenda JacksonGlenda Jackson

Cinemagazine197114 mins

Glenda Jackson talks about acting for theatre and for the camera

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Frida Kahlo's CorsetFrida Kahlo's Corset

Drama20009 mins

Frida Kahlo’s Corset is a short experimental drama that follows a journey of transformation by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) who wore a series of orthopaedic corsets because of impairment.

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