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The Artist in Wales

Where would a world of movers and shakers be without the makers and soul-feeders? Long live the poets and musicians, artists and performers!

Documentary 1978 32 mins

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Handling the materials and musing on how to treat or turn the wood, the metal, the paint, the wool, the words and the notes are what spark life in artists and those who experience what they express. They are the essential antidote to the Mr Gradgrinds of the world who insist we should “Never Wonder”. Film-maker Richard Watkins focuses on sculptor David Petersen, poet Harri Webb, the Welsh Brass Consort and Theatr Powys performing Emlyn Williams’ drama ‘Night Must Fall’.

Richard Watkins, the film-maker, was born (1948) and brought up in Swansea, his family having moved from farm to city after WWII. His other films include ‘Milford Fishermen’ and ‘Memoirs of a Pit Orchestra’, both available on BFI Player. Harri Webb (1920-94), also from Swansea, was a nationalist poet and librarian. David Petersen (b.1944), son of boxer Jack Petersen, is from Cardiff and worked in the city’s GKN Steelworks before becoming a blacksmith/sculptor and father to 3 more blacksmiths. The Welsh Brass Consort was formed in 1974 and is still going strong. Theatr Powys, established in 1972, did not fare so well, falling victim to Arts Council of Wales funding cuts in 2011.