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Ingot Pictorial No. 21

Experience 150 years of rail transport at Mumbles, enjoy the red sails of Abbey Works’ boat club, watch Sterling Moss discover the steel industry’s impact on racing cars.

Promotional 1954 23 mins

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This Ingot Pictorial celebrates 150 years of the world’s first passenger train at Mumbles, showing how it started with horse-drawn carriages before moving on to steam and then electric power. It includes colour footage of the Abbey Works sailing club at Margam and shows how the River Trent is essential to the Redbourn Works at Scunthorpe. And Sterling Moss features, discovering how RTSC research is helping with the problem of metal over-heating in racing cars.

The Ingot Pictorials were a series of screen reviews first produced by Technical and Scientific Films, and then Verity films for Richard Thomas and Baldwins Group (RTB). RTB intended the series to instil a sense of pride in the company. Each year 4 editions were produced on a quarterly basis and distributed to schools and leisure groups. They were shown to steel workers during their lunch hours and at local cinemas so their families could view them too. RTB claimed that each issue was shown to 25, 000 workers in the 30 plants from Lancashire to south Wales.