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Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat Ka-Boom! Introducing … an anarchic spoof tour of the cult satirical rag Viz with creator Chris Donald.

Documentary 1988 8 mins

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Roger Mellie (the Man on the Telly), Buster Gonad, Biffa Bacon, Sid the Sexist and Millie Tant … a roll-call of crass, foul-mouthed cartoon stars sprang to life on the pages of Viz – a hybrid of punk fanzine and rude kid's comic. In 1979 Chris Donald started the satirical rag in his bedroom in Newcastle upon Tyne with a Xerox run of 150. At a time when it outsold Private Eye in the 1980s, Donald introduces this spoof tour of Viz with a hefty dose of smutty innuendo.