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A truant schoolboy sabotages the secretive power station he believes killed his friend. With Glenda Jackson.

Thriller 1989 76 mins

Director: Colin Finbow


Twelve-year-old Gavin is sent to the wrong school and begins truanting with a gang of fellow outsiders. When his new friend Mark is hospitalized after a swimming race, Gavin suspects the local power station of leaking toxic waste into the sea. Futile protests and an attempt on his life compel Gavin to a fateful course of action. With Jeremy Coster, Glenda Jackson, Michael Sheard, Emma Freud.

From 1981 to 1998, the Children’s Film Unit provided invaluable training for young British filmmakers and actors between the ages of 10-17, producing 18 features and a number of short films all featuring children on both sides of the camera. The stories were all conceived by the children themselves then shaped and helmed by the project’s founder, Colin Finbow. The CFU was supported by Sir Richard Attenborough and director Steven Spielberg. Doombeach was shot over three weeks in Swanage in Dorset and had a Royal Premiere at BAFTA in Piccadilly on February 4, 1990.