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The Rainbow 15 rating

Ken Russell returns to D. H. Lawrence for the story of a young girl’s sexual awakening and immersion in a love triangle with both a man and a woman.

Drama 1989 106 mins

Director: Ken Russell



Ken Russell returns to the author of one of his greatest triumphs, D.H Lawrence, for a prequel to Women in Love that showcases the singular director’s flair for romantic flamboyance and erotic power. Ursula (Sammi Davis) finds herself falling for her swimming and gym teacher Winifred (Amanda Donahoe), and the two start a romance. However, she soon also has feelings for Anton (Paul McGann), a nearby student and soldier. At the heart of a tense love triangle, Ursula indulges in her passion while pondering what direction she wants to go in life – and whether that includes the prospect of love or not.

A direct prequel to Women in Love (Glenda Jackson, the star of that film, even plays her character’s mother in this one), yet also an entirely unique piece of work on its own, The Rainbow is a dreamy and sensual portrait of a woman at serious crossroads – making choices that bring her joy, but which also open up exciting new avenues.