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Withnail & I 15 rating

Richard E. Grant steals the show in the indomitable cult classic following two washed-up actors as they embark on a booze-filled getaway to the Lake District.

Comedy 1988 107 mins

Director: Bruce Robinson


Endlessly quotable and unequivocally British, Withnail & I expertly captures the freewheeling spirit of the late sixties in a country struggling with identity and purpose. Richard E. Grant gives the performance that defined his career as the privileged but vulgar Withnail, the struggling actor who embarks on a booze-filled getaway to the Lake District with his friend Marwood (Paul McGann). The dark humour flows as freely as the wine in this enduring cult classic.

“We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here and we want them now!” is a line exclaimed in pubs all around the British Isles. The impact of Withnail & I on larger culture cannot be underestimated with the comedy and pathos of the script coming together to create a wonderfully nihilistic and chaotic reverie for the ages. More dedicated fans of the film have even invented a drinking game in which they try to keep up with Withnail throughout the film’s running time.