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Centre of My World 15 rating

A young man falls for the new boy at school in this energetic and inventive adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s acclaimed YA novel.

Drama 2016 115 mins

Director: Jakob M. Erwa


After spending the summer away at French-language camp, 17-year-old Phil returns to his provincial German home to discover a strange new tension between his mother and sister. Unaware of the reason for their feud, Phil finds much needed fun and diversion with his best mate Kat. But the seemingly unshakeable bond between the friends looks set to be tested when the mysterious and very handsome Nicholas enrols at their school.

In his energetic and inventive adaptation of Andreas Steinhoefel’s eponymous YA novel, director Jakob M Erwa has crafted an idiosyncratic coming-of-age tale like no other. At once a psychedelic teen odyssey, a powerful familial drama and a tender love story, Centre Of My World displays more imagination in its opening few minutes than many movies manage across their entire duration.