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The Silent Playground

A warning tale about the dangers of taking sweets from strangers.

Crime 1964 72 mins Not rated

Director: Stanley Goulder



A taut crime thriller about the hunt for a mysterious stranger who is poisoning small children with barbiturates. A tough and compelling film, which offers a gritty reflection of life in 1960s South East London behind the initial whodunnit. Ellen McIntosh gives a bravura performance as a single mother juggling work with raising a family, and Jean Anderson paints a sympathetic portrait of an older mother coming to terms with the extent of her son's mental health issues. Striking and bold, The Silent Playground explores the fine line between innocence and criminality.

The film also features performances from Desmond Llewelyn (Q in 17 Bond films) and Gretchen Franklin (EastEnders' Ethel).