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Marjorie Prime 12 rating

In the near future, holograms of late loved ones provide comfort for their surviving relatives, in this intelligent and moving sci-fi exploring memory, identity, love and loss.

Science Fiction 2016 99 mins

Director: Michael Almereyda


In the near future, holographic recreations of departed loved ones are created, to offer comfort to their surviving relatives, and Jon (Tim Robbins) provides his 86-year-old mother, Marjorie (Lois Smith) with a facsimile of her late husband (Jon Hamm). But the family’s use of these holographic ‘primes’ raises questions about the validity of their memories and relationships.

Veteran independent director Michael Almereyda (Nadja, Experimenter) presents this moving and thoughtful sci-fi drama, based on Jordan Harrison's Pulitzer Prize-nominated play. Exploring ideas around memory, identity, love and loss (similar themes to the recent Blade Runner 2049), Almereyda elicits fine performances from a standout cast that includes Geena Davis and an extraordinary Lois Smith (who made her debut in East of Eden in 1955).