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Dune 12 rating

David Lynch brings Frank Herbert’s powerful novel and rich fantasy world to life in this cinematic spectacle.

Science Fiction 1984 131 mins

Director: David Lynch


Before Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive, master filmmaker David Lynch took a journey to sci-fi with this big-budgeted adaptation. The son of a duke (Kyle MacLachlan) and his family travel to a desert world to obtain a spice integral for interstellar travel in the far future. Double-crossed by the Emperor, the duke wreaks revenge on his authority with the help of a warrior fleet and several cunning characters in this dynamic allegory.

Lynch and producing partner Dino De Laurentiis partnered up following the success of The Elephant Man on this grand-scale epic full of the fascinating ideas of novelist Frank Herbert. Featuring several familiar faces of Lynch’s other films, including regular Jack Nance, Dune is a thrilling ride with original music by Toto.