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Looking Ahead

Behold the future! Where meals are consumed in pill form, and hankies are washed on television

Advert 1930 2 mins


There’s nothing like a science fiction future to give you an insight into the concerns of its time. The ultra-modern city in this 1930 cartoon cinema ad for Persil is utopian in ambition, but also strangely lonely. A businessman lands his plane on a skyscraper roof and eats a solitary meal in pill form. His only company is a headless washer-woman on television who washes his hankies by hand. Utopia? You decide.

Adlets was an animation production company set up around the skills of Australian David Barker and specialising in cinema adverts. The future skyscraper bearing the company’s name in this film turned out to be wishful thinking, as the company disappeared not long after this film was made.