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Trojan Car Advert

There's no need to renew your socks with the Trojan Utility Car - you simply can't afford not to have one!

Advert 1926 10 mins Silent


The quirky Trojan Utility Car was anything but conventional. A dish-shaped tray housed the engine and gear box underneath the seats, which also doubled up as the chassis. The car's transmission utilised a chain to drive the already antiquated solid tyre wheels. To prove how economical the car was, the company championed the slogan "Can you afford to walk?" and calculated that, over 200 miles, it would cost more in shoes and socks than it would to go by Trojan!

We'd dearly love to know the locations used in this film, which covers many miles. A busy street with Tudor-style buildings and a cathedral or castle in the background, an LNER east coast express train and an Ayrshire motor dealer… Can you help?