The Open Road

Whether you're going by road, rail, air or sea, this collection of screen ads doesn’t just get you from A to B, it offers a road map to an A-Z of desirable destinations.

Throughout the 20th century, screen advertising helped transform the car from luxury conveyance for the wealthy to essential commodity, 'hand-built by robots'. It saw out the last days of steam, and made 'the age of the train'. And it presented travel - at home or abroad - as a route to a better life.

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Trojan Car AdvertTrojan Car Advert

Advert192610 minsSilent Location: York

There's no need to renew your socks with the Trojan Utility Car - you simply can't afford not to have one!

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British Rail - Introducing AwaydayBritish Rail - Introducing Awayday

Advert19721 mins

Take a trip with off-peak away day travel.

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British Rail - Intercity Makes the Going EasyBritish Rail - Intercity Makes the Going Easy

Advert19691 mins

Travel to the Great Fair of London – with great fares on offer.

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Vistafjord Exclusive CruisesVistafjord Exclusive Cruises

Advert197521 mins Location: Southampton

Enjoy this kaleidoscope of images taken aboard the MS Vistafjord - for an exclusive holiday cruise setting sail from Southampton

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Nature's CharmsNature's Charms

Advert193311 minsSilent

Through the medium of poetry and music this 1930s advertising film shows there’s an Austin motor car for every aspect of life.

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Pa Puts His Foot DownPa Puts His Foot Down

Advert193416 mins Location: London

Romance blossoms over a discussion of fluid flywheels in this cinema ad for BSA cars, directed by Zoltan Korda.

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Butlin's Has Something for EveryoneButlin's Has Something for Everyone

Advert19651 mins

Family fun at Butlin’s with nothing extra to pay.

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Rhythm of the RoadRhythm of the Road

Advert19363 mins

Big engines, big cars and a mini musical that packs a punch.

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Fun at RhylFun at Rhyl

Advert19620 mins Location: Rhyl

Cinema advertisement for Marine Lake & Ocean Beach, Rhyl, a popular destination for crowds set on a day's fun on free rides.

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Go Gay at Butlin'sGo Gay at Butlin's

Advert19622 mins

A quintessentially 1960s advert for the British summer holiday institution.

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Butlin's Continental HolidaysButlin's Continental Holidays

Advert19651 mins

This intriguingly basic Butlins ad is all talk.

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Bring Baby to Butlin'sBring Baby to Butlin's

Advert19601 mins

Do you have a baby and a holiday problem? Come to Butlin's!

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Butlin's Winter Welcome No. 1Butlin's Winter Welcome No. 1

Advert19592 mins Location: Saltdean

Say Hi-De-Hi to these Ho-De-Hotels in this cinema ad for Butlin’s winter holiday offering.

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Staff Wanted at Butlin's for ChristmasStaff Wanted at Butlin's for Christmas

Advert19630 mins

Free accommodation and festive fun in this period recruitment advert.

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A Leader Is BornA Leader Is Born

Advert19759 mins

Glossy promo launching the Leyland Princess.

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Jaguar Telephone DealerJaguar Telephone Dealer

Advert19701 mins

Get behind the wheel of the new XJ series 3.

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Fiat Strada FigaroFiat Strada Figaro

Advert19792 mins

Automated visual poetry as sparks fly to the accompaniment of Figaro’s Aria.

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As Time Goes ByAs Time Goes By

Advert193912 minsSilent

Be transported through time with this history of transport itself, ending in a hearty plug for Austin cars.

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British Leyland Princess 2 Range (Test Track)British Leyland Princess 2 Range (Test Track)

Advert19781 mins

Stay one step ahead with the Leyland Princess 2.

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Shell CommercialShell Commercial

Advert19681 minsSilent

Stylish petrol advert featuring Graham Hill.

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The Gods Look DownThe Gods Look Down

Advert19365 mins

Mr Mercury’s statue comes to life to give us a start in this cinema ad for National Benzole Mixture - the nectar of the gods.

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Still Going WellStill Going Well

Advert19751 mins

Britain goes well with Shell, says this bright, breezy and patriotic ad.

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North SeaNorth Sea

Advert19761 mins

Shell powers UK plc, in this punchy patriotic ad.

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Arthur's Holiday CampArthur's Holiday Camp

Advert19492 minsSilent

‘Big hearted’ Arthur Askey fools around as he tries to get fit at a holiday camp in this sparkling advert for Gibbs SR toothpaste.

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Butlin's Holiday Hotels 60 SecondsButlin's Holiday Hotels 60 Seconds

Advert19571 mins

See life from a different angle with a 1950s Butlin’s seaside holiday: there’s something for the whole family.