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Still Going Well

Britain goes well with Shell, says this bright, breezy and patriotic ad.

Advert 1975 1 mins


Don’t be misled by the cheery tune and cartoon mascot. This commercial for the oil giant from agency Burrows and Gillard is seriously thought-through. Shell had for many years used the slogan ‘I’m going well with Shell’. Here, striking a patriotic note, it’s ‘Britain goes well with Shell’. At a time of economic insecurity, the ad’s an optimistic national tapestry in miniature: Britain at home, in the foundry, on the farm, on the road, in the air… Shell’s petrol powers the lot. And exports too. The North Sea boom’s a boon for UK plc.

Note also the deliberate colour design of the live action scenes, reflecting the red and yellow of the logo - and repeating the logo itself as often as possible. See also a shorter and simpler version, North Sea, also on BFI Player.