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Skid Kids

Young 'Swanky' Clarke, leader of the Burton Bullets Cycle Speedway Club, foils bicycle thieves on the streets of 1950s Bermondsey.

Children's 1953 49 mins

Director: Don Chaffey


There's shades of classic Ealing comedy Hue and Cry in this breezy, Bermondsey-shot Children's Film Foundation adventure from a long-gone London. 'Swanky' and his chums take on a gang of bike thieves with barely a thought for their own safety. There's oodles of fascinating social detail, while the thieves - all pencil moustaches, zoot suits and loud ties - resemble wartime spivs.

Watch out for character actor A.E. Matthews, who briefly appears as a bowler-hatted taxi passenger. Matthews was known for his portrayals of slightly dotty upper-class gents, and for the sheer length of his acting career, which spanned more than half a century. Also seen here is the New Caledonian Market, relocated to Bermondsey Square after the war. An ancient law meant that stolen goods could be legally sold here to market traders - an unusual legislation that the spivs are seen taking full advantage of in Skid Kids.