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Lady from the Sea PG rating

Racy sea tale of unbridled passions with Ray Milland's Walmer lifeboatman caught in the vice-like grip of a sultry French vamp.

Romance 1930 59 mins

Director: Castleton Knight


Racy sea tale of unbridled passions as a Walmer lifeboatman (an impossibly young Ray Milland), is caught in the vice-like grip of a French vamp. Having heroically rescued the sultry foreign temptress from a shipwreck on the Goodwin Sands, our innocent hero is lured away from his English Rose fiancee. A torrid tale of love and lust that benefits from location shooting in Walmer.

The film was originally shot as a silent in 1929 (a version which sadly doesn't seem to have survived), before being reshot as a sound feature in 1930. Scenes were filmed at the Walmer lifeboat station and on the town's beach, where some of the populace were co-opted into performing as a cheering crowd, greeting the lifeboat's return from a rescue mission. And that is presumably the genuine lifeboat crew seen manning the 'Barbara Fleming', the vessel which served as the Walmer lifeboat between 1927 and 1933. Please note the sound quality on this transfer is compromised due to the limitations of available source materials. The opening titles are intended to be silent.