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Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. U rating

In a far flung future, the monstrous metallic Daleks are inhuman alien overlords of Earth. Can interplanetary time traveller Dr Who thwart them?

Science Fiction 1966 84 mins

Director: Gordon Flemyng



Those deadly plunger-wigglers the Daleks have taken over planet Earth in this full colour psychedelic sequel to Dr Who and the Daleks. With Peter Cushing reprising his distinctively daffy Dr Who, and Bernard Cribbins on hand to provide some stylish slapstick, it’s futuristic fun and action all the way in this fast paced sci-fi adventure for all the family.

Cushing’s Dr Who was a lot more loveable and a lot less alien than his curmudgeonly television counterpart, the first Doctor, as portrayed by William Hartnell. “The difficulty with playing Dr Who on the screen,” recalled Cushing, explaining the thinking behind his entirely different interpretation, “was that one couldn’t expect everyone in the world to know about him and his TARDIS and the television series.” Nowadays, with Doctor Who a worldwide success, it might be more of a difficulty to find somebody who doesn’t already know about him.